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Protecting Yourself From Narcissistic Behaviour

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

One final lesson for 2019 has shown up for me personally and it will most certainly resonate with some of you. I have recently encountered extreme narcissistic behaviour from a 'friend' and looking more closely at their overall attitude, conduct and level of communication, it should have been more apparent sooner. I think we make allowances, especially if they are part of a group of friends, a partner or family members. I felt called to challenge their actions and was met with nasty abuse and totally 'flying of the handle', something that occurs when another feels guilty / threatened or is looking to ostracise you because they are jealous. Often they are carrying emotional baggage that contorts their view of the world and/or they are frightened to heal fully from within.

We are all able to change our personalities and heal from within but we can only advise and guide others to do the same, and some we have to leave to figure out life themselves. The biggest thing with narcissistic behaviour is that it can be incredibly damaging and hurtful, whilst the rest of the world believes they can do no wrong. I had felt a 'knife in my back' a few times over the years, when this person came in and out of social situations but put it down to their growth and learning how to be an adult / a friend. They 'blew up' irrationally a few times and I did not react but now it is time to discover more ways to protect our energies from such actions and let the universe decide how it unfolds (See Protection Blog).

Applying acquiescence to situations, so that, as with forgiveness, you flourish is vital, therefore preventing their performance from affecting your balance. The degrees of manipulation and perception of the world of a narcissist is warped beyond your control. Send them HUGE bubbles of love, so you remain grounded and protected from their energies. If others choose to make assumptions about you personally, based on another's ranting, then know that it is most certainly HAPPENING FOR A REASON. Things never go 'wrong' they just occur a certain way so that we take a new path / go in a new direction / release negative energy from our world. There is always a lesson in all that we experience in life.

As I 'wake up' more and more and work through understanding how I see, hear and feel the world then it has become less possible to 'turn off' when in situations. It is now just a matter of doing extra protection work, keeping grounded and focused, and learning new ways every day to increase this knowledge. The more we can help people that sense the same things when around others, about the world as a whole, or from those that have crossed over then it will be invaluable. The next wave of spiritual children include those that have been labelled with ADHD, Autism and such like (previous blog HERE). There is nothing 'wrong' with them, they just see, hear and feel things differently and it is a great idea to learn from them and how they view life, so we can all become better soul's having a human experience.

It is a shame someone with narcissistic tendencies tend to target the most compassionate person in their world / within a group because they feel threatened by / jealous of them. Even worse that they start with over indulging in praise and adoration then blaming their target but the more we recognise and challenge these actions then we can help them and the world be a better place. I do believe narcissistic soul’s can heal, reset their DNA with Reiki & Sound Healing and relearn habits and behaviours; they just have to want to!

I am excited about the lessons that are going to show up in 2020. The year is set to be a wonderful rollercoaster of energies, with lows, but the highs are going to be amazing!



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