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Part 3: 2nd Reiki Principle: Just for Today I Will Not Be Angry

The Second Reiki Principle Explained: Just for Today I Will Not Be Angry

Feelings of anger towards ourselves, others, or the world, create serious energy blockages within us, affecting out health and wellbeing. It is the most complex inner enemy and holding on to anger really is like having a cup of poison and drinking it yourself. It tends to come about as a result of lack of power in a situation and the unprocessed feelings cause energy blockages.

We need to first understand what causes the anger and then remove this destructive emotion from our lives. As with all emotions, anger is a choice response and one we must choose to control. It can cause stomach and digestive disorders. Re-training yourself to remove angry thoughts from your life, should they surface, at anytime, by confronting the emotions and then removing them, can change your mind set health and wellbeing forever.

Each time we encounter another human being, there is an exchange of energies.

  • If both parties are happy with the encounter, then there is a neutral exchange of energy

  • If you become angry, then the other person steals your energy

  • If the other person gets angry with you, then you are stealing their energy

When the anger is unresolved, it triggers events that cause the emotions to resurface. When too much anger has been stored it can be terribly explosive and destructive. The only person who is truly hurt by anger is the person carrying it around. See the event as another of life’s learning curves, to further improve mental wellbeing and clarity, to better deal with stress and unpleasant situations.

Reiki is an excellent tool for removing anger blockages that have accumulated in the body over the years. Having regular Reiki treatments can ensure that daily build-ups of this and all negative emotions, are removed. Letting go of anger brings about a great sense of peace  and happiness in life. Having a Reiki Treatment can really help you to further heal and remove any unprocessed feelings within.

Taking a step away from the event / situation & breathing through it can help remove angry feelings, not allowing it to affect you and not allowing it to be stored within your energy centres. Meditating on the angry occurrence, dealing with the emotion, why it came about, how to get rid of it and replacing with positivity and emotions that are higher in frequency, will help remove the stored anger. Regular Reiki works wonders too!!

When we respond to a life lesson in anger then the lesson is not complete and we will most likely relive the situation once more, at another time. Let’s remove anger from our daily lives!

Reiki positions to clear anger are: Place one hand on the Root Chakra (lower stomach) and the other on the Third Eye (middle of the forehead). Remain there until you feel the areas are balanced. Use deep breathing techniques, as you perform Reiki, further releasing negative emotions.

Have an amazing day! 

Love & Light


P.S. Please leave any comments below, feel free to share this post and see you next week. 

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