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New Moon in Taurus 11th May 2021

Updated: May 10, 2021

This month is the catalyst of all that we have been experiencing, learning, and desiring coming to the forefront and our ability to manifest is on fire! Every New Moon cycle provides a wonderful period of new beginnings and Tuesday's energy shifts are going to open up amazing opportunities for us. You may sense heightened feelings of puzzlement, increased anxiety and also joy as we approach the changes (up to 3 days before and afterwards). Just know that you are amazing and the greater amount of precision and clarity that you apply to your goals, intention setting and visualisation of everything being in-situ now, the more miracles that will show up for you. Get planting those seeds and develop your growth and expansion.

The New Moon is in the earth sign of Taurus (the best sign in my opinion but I am obviously biased, ha-ha) at 19:59pm UK, 2.59pm NYC, 11.59pm PDT and 4.59am on 12th May AEST. Delve deep with this one, search out ways to cleanse your soul, map out the next few months (& years) of your spiritual growth journey and allow great things to come to you. I highly recommend healing yourself (in this and past life times) and opening up to the possibilities the new world is offering. Spirituality was so prevalent and praised by the likes of Einstein et al yet religion took over the world and now we are returning to the natural way of being. If you want help, do get in touch, we all have incredible skills within us that need bringing to the surface. Reiki is in all of us, the attunements 'tune you in' to the universal life force energy and ensure you become an even more incredible version of yourself. There have been new studies published using Kirlian photography to show the power of healing generated from the hands when working with Reiki, all very exciting!

We are all very much being called to heal our bad habits, thought processes and views of the world so that we can change our ancestral paths. I have talked about this a lot lately and after more studying, research and discovery, this should be your priority. This is to empower you for the massive shift in consciousness so that the next generations learn to live life less stressed, less pumped with pharmaceutical crap that just ignites more issues so that you need to buy more, and so that you embrace the energies that surround you. We need to look at the root cause of all dis-ease and illness, Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life has an wonderful resource in the back that relates the emotion that needs investigating and healing for the 'illness' or dis-ease to be healed, it was written many years ago yet is still so accurate!

Astrologically, we have an exceptionally powerful eclipse on 26th May and a solar eclipse on 10th June, which we need to get ready for, so capitalising on the current energies will help you prepare. Change is here, the earth is expanding, earthquakes are increasing and the natural shifts of the planet are part of the resetting of the world. Please look after yourself and call on the traits of the earth sign of Taurus, a leading one is to spend plenty of time in nature to become extremely grounded. Embrace the extra sensitivity to smells, touch and sounds and thrive even with the changes and surprises being unearthed. One super strong connection of the planets is Uranus in Taurus, mixed with the New Moon, this is going to be electrifying if we open our hearts and welcome the energies. Five planets are in fixed signs; Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius; the Sun, Moon and Uranus in Taurus with Ceres the Goddess of Harvest and Black Moon Lilith (wild, instinctive energy) in Taurus. It is busy out there, let it guide you to upscale your personal life and that of those around you. Restrain from judging yourself, especially during this weeks energy shifts, by judging yourself you are judging others in disguise.

Relationships are evolving, to a whole different level too, some people you will find that you have the most enlightening conversations with, others will depart from your world and often because they are not wanting to, or are refusing to, repair and change themselves.

I want to help as many people live a heart-centred life (and thankfully many others do too), and the best way to do this is by allowing what you want to guide your day, removing the ego, trusting your intuition and following your heart. It takes patience and practice as society runs on the ego and be aware that each creates completely different energies. You must make how you feel the top priority over what you do, especially as inner healing and peace is discovered, then life cannot help but be easier. It is time for life to be transformed, for embracing spirituality to permit new ways of thinking and for us to alter the construct of humankind. Healing, learning and evolving are a life long journey. Issues may come up that you felt you had resolved and released but often there is more to learn from situations and then we can fully move on from them.

Challenges will always present themselves, it is about learning better ways to process, perceive and respond. We must process our emotions and connect in with the energies of our heart for greater manifestation and happiness in our lives. It is a massive reason why incorporating such practices as daily self-reiki sessions into your routine (even 10 minutes in the morning or evening) is important. You are then able to let go of negative energy blockages that you pick up from those you encounter who are unwilling to change and prefer the victim mentality, frightened of all they need to face up to and let you keep a constant level of internal balance and calm. The New Moon on Tuesday is lighting a fire under our need for greater self-care, for us to recognise how powerful we are, why we are here on earth at this time and that we are loved for being our amazing selves. When you create from your heart not your ego then the results are stunning.

The energies of this moon cycle, and 2021 as a whole, want us to work on changing our ancestral paths by understanding all we can and altering so that the children here now and those to follow live completely differently. We are not here to be stressed out 24/7 by school, work, life then retire and become too tired for anything. I will write more on the topic of ancestral healing in the not to distant future and I ask that if children are in your world that you read Nurturing An Empathetic Child so we can help them all understand what they see, sense and feel. See the recommended ritual here: New Moon Ritual.



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