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The Magic of Intention Setting

As we approach the New Moon on Wednesday, it is crucial to heighten your intention setting skills for the imminent shifts in energies. The turbulence of 2020 is constantly throwing us curveballs and is set to continue for some time. Grounding yourself and getting extremely clear on your desired destinations is essential, then you can create intentions to bring you closer to your dreams.

One of the easiest ways to explain the benefits of setting intentions is that by doing so you are plugging into the frequency of the energy of what you want to happen. They are a powerful tool to manifest your goals into place. What you pay attention to expands and frequently verbalising your intentions allows you to give off the vibrations of determination, inner strength and positive results. In summary: Intention setting is the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your actions.

On Friday I thanked the universe for allow me to teach more souls Reiki this weekend. 2 people got in touch and I have been teaching Reiki Energy Healing all weekend. My favourite topic and further proof right there that they work! Intentions are an instrument of lifelong habit, ensuring you living abundantly, happily and confidently. They are your 'phone line' to the Universe providing a transparent conversation to the energies that surround you, so that you can attract all that you yearn for.

Set daily, monthly and yearly intentions by being clear and descriptive, say the intention often, and periodically review your progress. A longer version: after your daily shower, your self-reiki session and meditation, once you have cleansed your body of old energies set you intention, it works like magic*. It is key to be relaxed and open so that the energy you permeate is positive. Visualise today's intention, write it down and keep it with you throughout the day. The colour of the paper and pen you use can impact the outcome too: Red - when you are looking for something to come into situ quickly; Green and Black for abundance and Orange for creativity, determination and the strength to move boldly forwards. The idea is that you are writing a contract with the Universe. Sign your full name, place it on your altar or in an envelope, seal it and store it until the goal is achieved.

*If you have already started your day then the process can still be done, cleanse your energy, do the protection work and bring yourself into a calm state and proceed with the visualisation and writing process.

Now that the intention is set, move on to taking action, have the end result in mind and own your part in the process. Maintain habits of repeated visualisation and belief that you have all you want NOW. When a certain dream does not first materialise, it is often because we are being called to do inner work and clear old blockages to move forwards. For assistance with this, book a Reiki session, an Intuitive Reading or one of my courses. Let's get you fully attracting and achieving all you wish for. Once you have taken time out to fully release the past, then re-write the intention and be very transparent on what you want.

An example of a worldwide intention is the many people who said on a Monday, 'oh no, not Monday again I do not want to go to work'...the universe and nature complied with this by a mass stay at home during lockdown. It is a reminder to be careful what you wish for...positive, happy intentions are the answer!

As you think about the remaining 4 months of 2020, be very specific, write lists and visualise your desires as HERE & NOW. The universe works wonders when you truly believe you are worthy and capable of anything. Hick ups are always doing to try and throw us off course, but we have the in-built skills to bring ourselves back to balance. If you want help, Reiki Energy Healing is a wonderful tool and you can learn to Self-Reiki Daily with my Level I Course or sign-up for regular treatments and constantly clear any buildup of negativity.

Once you have made some initial plans, be sure to 'get out of your own way' as you let go and let flow. How it is going to happen is not important, the end goal is the aim so dream big, think outside the box and enjoy the transformations!

Additional tools to strengthen your results are:

  • Keep a Gratitude Journal or say out loud to yourself, 3-5 things you are truly grateful for and throw out what you perceive you need

  • Create a Vision Board and place it in a position where you can see it every single day

  • Work with healing Crystals, select the ones you are most drawn to and keep them close by - Handserenity Crystal Shop.

Remember to always release the outcome to the universal energies, if you are not ready then it will not appear until you are cleansed.

Have an exciting time prepping for this time of metamorphosis and renewal. Be open and reach for the stars. Today is all that truly counts, all we can be sure of, so let's make the most of it. For help: Book an Intuitive Reading; sign up to a Course or for one of my Treatments. Sound Healing, when combined with Reiki and Crystals, resets your DNA and brings the body back to the fundamental pulse and connection of our life rhythm, providing instantaneous relaxation.

Intention setting is a lifelong habit of excellence and happiness providing you with a positive perspective and all that you deserve. Enjoy your journey of exploration and happy magic miracle manifesting.



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