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Life Force Energy Healing

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

The current world journey is perpetuating a great deal of fear, anxiety and worry amongst so many but we can beat it. Daily learning to control your thought processes (altering negative ones as they arrive) and believing in your own ability to heal yourself works wonders. Everyone is being called to experience life in a new way, by connecting with the energy of the earth, the energy of your breathe, and opening your heart, mind and body to the universal life force energy. The battle can be won by you, by all you learn, and the changes you make to your previous thought processes and how you perceive life and situations.

Now is the ideal time to rewire your brain, turn off the negative media and focus on the positives and be grateful for all you have. You can thrive in chaos and teach your friends and family to do the same. For children, practising meditation and breathing exercises frequently will provide them with lifelong tools to manage challenges as they unfold.

Reiki is Japanese and when translated means 'universal life force energy', we are all ‘energy’ and it flows through all living things. Rei means Universal or Higher Power, omnipresent, present everywhere at the same time. Ki means Life Force Energy, the very essence of the soul, the energy in your body and all around you. Keeping the flow of Ki energy high, and unencumbered, leads to a healthy and happy life, full of enthusiasm. Ki is known as Chi in China, Prana in India and Soul in other parts of the world. All you need to access Reiki energy is the motivation to align yourself with the universal energy.

Energy sustains and nourishes us and increases the body’s natural self-healing ability. People’s energy channels become blocked through fear, worry, stress and negative events, interrupting the flow of energy. Reiki is used to unblock our bodies and allow us to be more in line with our universal energy and to self-heal.

Science has proven the presence of energy and there are numerous studies online, one of them being Kirlian Photography, where, in 1939, Semyon Kirilian captured the visual proof.

Awakening to the energy within us and performing Reiki regularly on ourselves, and others, really does have a massive impact of our lives, our growth, our development, our health and our ability to lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Each time I perform an in-person or distance Reiki session, I get healing too, it is amazing!

Many people use Reiki without realising it, such as Mother’s, when they lay their hands on their child or when we hold or protect parts of our body that experience discomfort. This is where such terms as ‘kiss it better’ originated from, as the kiss does aid in the healing process.

Our thoughts create our world, so when we spend time living in fear and anxiety, even saying negative sentences, it compromises the immune system, making us more susceptible to catch infections and block us manifesting our desires. Stress causes physical and psychological problems and the more we remain in this state, the greater the risk to ourselves. The stress response begins in the brain, the amygdala, meaning almond shape, which is found in the temporal lobe of the brain, is our fear and threat detector and emotional processing centre, which we need when in fight or flight (in danger) but not consistently in our lives. It then causes the release of the main stress hormone, cortisol, nature's built-in alarm system, to be triggered and this is happening daily by the negative media, exaggerated danger levels, lack of positive results and the overall persistent changes in the world and restrictions we are experiencing.

Emotions are energy in motion and now is the perfect time to discover more about how you can work with the universal energy to improve your mindset, your health and coping mechanisms, no matter what is going on. We need to take action to work on ourselves, so that we can achieve a major positive out of what we are currently experiencing.

Reiki ignites your immune system and own ability to heal plus aids the activation of your third eye, enhancing your spiritual awakening journey and greater understanding of the universe as a whole. Let's stop compromising our own immune systems NOW, by working on removing the stress within our daily lives and learning greater tools to release any negativity, fear and worry. Be mindful of when you find yourself judging another, it is showing up and causing a reaction within you because you have unhealed and unprocessed negativity from the past. We are being called to connect with the universal life force energy, to increase our self-love and unconditional love for others, so that we can thrive in the 'new' world as it unfolds.

As always, if you want help, message me. Most of my In-Person Courses are now available as Online Study or I can teach you via Skype and treat you with distance healing. Reiki (universal life force energy) is unlimited by time or space. To Book go to Handserenity Courses, Distance Energy Healing Treatment or to review your Life Path: Intuitive Reading with Angel & Oracle Cards or visit the website, email or give me a call +44 (0)7949089265.

Have an inspiring day, increase your self-care and work on being a better version of yourself today.



(+44) 07949089265

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