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Libra New Moon & Equinox Musings

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

We are approaching the Equinox Stargate on 22nd Sept, and then the exhilarating portal energies of the New Moon on 25th, all the while with 7 Planets in Retrograde. Higher frequencies of energies are here for you to embody, grow from, and to activate your DNA to a greater degree to awaken fully to all that you are/about to become. You are loved, you are protected, and held by your angels, guides, and those whom you love (including yourself). Old habits, thought patterns, and cycles of life are dissolving and we are being reborn. All the planets in retrograde, especially Mercury, can bring chaos but don't resist the flow, notice, and work with, all the lessons showing up for you, so that you can fully appreciate the growth this month is offering.

This Libra New Moon is set to provide an explosion of new beginnings, monumental new levels of belief in ourselves and our self-healing abilities and the realisation of a new world forming. This shift is on 25th September 2022 at 22:54, London, UK; 14:54 Los Angeles; 17:54 New York + 07:54 on 26th Sept in Sydney, Australia. A moon cycle that is initiating soul mate connections, friendships, pure love relationships that are seeing us radiate with wonderful energetic glows, that cannot help but uplift all those we come into contact with. This is true of all of you that are doing your healing work, the energies that you are putting out are helping the transformation and awakening of others in your world.

Do not be concerned with what others are doing (or what they appear to think of you) though, when you stand in your flow, open your heart and clear the past, you cannot help but win. You are heavily supported and LOVE concurs all, the light is overthrowing the darkness, quite literally, the negative ones are being 'moved out of the way' and fun adventures are set to GO. Let’s embrace all that is open to us and let these big shifts of change make a real difference for everyone currently in the physical form.

The Air sign of Libra personality traits to utilise are attaining balance, justice for the world and love for everyone. Let go of the self-pitying, victim, and vain, traits that can be found in some Librans – we are here to evolve not remain stuck in the past or anyone’s negative life. Prejudice, racism, homophobia, transphobia, every form of dislike for those that don't fit into the 'norm' is to dissipate for all the fully enlightened beings.

Anyone still living with hatred, prejudice or general dislike for others is not allowing themselves to fully awaken and to be free of the chains of the societal b******t, the old beliefs that have no place in the here and now. We are working to obtain a degree of ONENESS never experienced before on earth. NO judgement of others is paramount as you evolve and transform. The key is to frequently cleanse your energies, within and outside of the body; tune into the angels, your guides and loved ones who are with you daily; and achieve a magnificent level of peace, enjoyment and grounding NOW.

The Equinox, on Saturday, marks the start of Autumn, or Spring, dependent on where you reside on the planet, and a massive chance to shed the old and welcome in the new. The energies are not going to slow down in 2022, so it is time to make the most of all that is on offer to the awakened, sovereign souls that we are becoming. A great idea to complete your own form of a New Moon Ritual and set phenomenally strong intentions that read, visualise and see in situ daily. Fly high Earth Angels and as always, if you want to book coaching, treatments or training then message me.



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