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June 3rd + Gemini New Moon Energies

Updated: Jun 2

We are reclaiming our true selves this month, reinstalling the software we turned off prior to coming into the human form, once more. Working on ourselves; setting and verbalising, out into the universal energies, all that we want; increasing our levels of trust, and with no concern about the 'how', is our pathway to the miracles on offer. We brought this ticket to the theatre of life and so can rewrite the play, what we see, respond to, and embody, any time we want. You choose, what you listen to, consume and worry (or laugh) about. Is there really any need to worry, can you not go into full trust in the universal energies and all that is unfolding? Time is an illusion, a human construct, that you can easily slow down with your breathing habits and with the energy shifts this week, change is happening.

The megalithic energies here for you daily are wanting you to rebuild, reconstruct and upgrade your perception, moment by moment. It is no longer about waiting for tomorrow but letting the change occur frequently throughout the day. Monday 3rd June is super significant in the ascension process of humanity, tune into your higher self, the energies within and around you, and your intuitive guidance, all the time. A cosmic ballet that is explained exquisitely here: Celestial Phenomenon, a super rare event. Don't forget to look up at the sky, and align your frequency with that which you most dream is impossible, we are breaking boundaries.

The New Moon in Gemini on 6th June 2024, at14:37 Europe; 13:37 London UK; 05:37 Los Angeles; 08:37 New York & 22:37 Sydney is our stepping stone to forging supportive collectives of like-minded souls. We are assembling new relationships and connections in all areas of our lives, and deepen those we already have. The air sign of Gemini is the communication stimulator, social interactions, collaborating, co-creating, are all on the agenda, helping us to cultivate the communities of new earth. Stimulating creativity to paint that picture, draw that masterpiece, write that book, whatever you feel inspired most to do. Enjoy the surge in motivation and the miracles you open up to.

The date of the New Moon is super significant to, it is occurring on the 6:6 Portal of Opportunity - the double digit day each month opens even greater doorways of transformation for us. We are meeting all the sides of ourselves ~ the calm, patient, frustrated, frightened, scared, I can't possible, I absolutely can, I have so got this. Suffering is a gift of strength for the now and trauma is consciousness under pressure. Reminders of the pre-healed versions of ourselves, to trigger us, to release any residue and to recall how far we have come, you are amazing!

Work with, + cleanse and recharge, the crystals you are most drawn to; Lapis Lazuli is awesome for this moon cycle. It aids in the expansion of your third eye, clearing your throat chakra for relaying what your heart feels, to yourself and those in your world. A wonderful tool to open your correspondence with Archangel Micheal, and all your spirit and human teams.

Let's make the most of the amplified energies open to us over the next few days. I hope you are taking the biggest risks of your lives to actualise your highest timeline and what you truly desire. June is a mega month of magic, laughter and dancing, literally + internally, as we evolve further, and permit ourselves to be free, abundant, successful, and in full trust of all we are worth of receiving.

June 3rd + Gemini New Moon Energies are providing such amazing opportunities to rewrite your contract/your journey. Please don't be scared to be so happy you feel you could burst; it is your dharma. Life is easy, because we choose it to be so, having your reset intentions visible, on your desk, my your bedside, whatever prominent place works for you, will act as a powerful reminder. Believe and you will achieve, you are magnificent and deserving of everything, have a fabulous time, sending healing, upgrading energies your way.

I know you have heard me say this before, the energies of 2024 are asking us to get completely comfortable with the uncomfortable. My Online Innerdance Sessions provide accelerated healing, when done multiple times a week, month, or even per day, I do them daily. Do you choose to have time to commit to your rapid healing and growth? A month to take the biggest risks of your lifetime, to sail through challenges with ease, confidence and self-assurance, I love you.



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