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Intuition is like a muscle...

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

One of the biggest tasks (& successes when we listen fully) in life is to learn to work with your intuition, over your ego and the negative voices. Intuition literally means learning from within, using our inner voice of guidance, and trusting our gut feeling. Over time, with practice, it is something we do intuitively, allowing our lives to flow more freely with far less fear and worry. We all need to learn to recognise when our 'gut feeling' is acting out of fear over intuition and correct this to ensure we make better decisions on our life path.

As with so much of life it takes practice, practice, practice! True guidance from our intuition is when we recognise a sense of calmness, clarity & joy from our thoughts, decisions & actions, a sense of 'knowing' and a level of confidence that can aid us in achieving our goals and dreams.

Our intuition is like a muscle, it needs exercising / using often, in order to develop greater insight, understanding and ability to use it all the time! It is within you, like Reiki, and needs listening too, exploring and following. It is not something you pick up on during a course or similar, it is your internal guidance system that you are born with, so practice using it and applying it daily, to get the most from it.

2 of Albert Einstein's quotes on the topic: "You know the truth by the way it feels." “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Quote by Kyle Gray on Intuition

The Dictionary says: 'the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.'

We have all heard the voice saying ‘do this or that’ &/or ‘I knew that was going to happen’

It is a constant lesson of allowing the divine voice within us to guide us on the right course. It gives us the ability to ‘check in’ and make sure we are truly happen with any decisions we make, big or small. We just need to learn to recognise it and trust our own guidance. We are all amazing and need to remember that as often as we can helps tenfold!

We instinctively pick up bad vibrations and if something does not feel right, it is usually because it isn't. Let's increase the use of intuition in our lives, over fear, and manifest our dreams, abundance and true life purposes. One thing to look out for is if you feel extremely excited or agitated by the guidance/ thoughts then it is worth questioning whether it is the ego or true intuition. We are looking to follow the visualisations & feelings from our superconscious, we can recognise them by there clarity and clearness rather than the cloudy, obscured alternatives from our subconscious.


  • Listen to your intuition and good things will begin to happen, it is recognising the feeling/thought that it is the right thing to do

  • Trust your 'gut feeling', we store a lot of emotions in our stomach's and it is know as our 'second brain', with the network of neurons it contains!

  • Follow the feelings of your intuition, such as racing heart, spine shivers, goosebumps or the thought that you 'just know' it is the right step to take. We all know intuitively when something does not feel right, we need to be sure to focus more on when things DO feel right

  • Trust, it takes time to get used to it but so worth it!

  • The more we work with our intuition the easier it is to remove negative emotions and make great choices, not those made when anger or depressed or 'out of sorts'

  • Be aware of what is going on around you and how situations make you feel

  • Over time the more you do the right thing then your inner feeling becomes stronger

  • Common sense still has a large role to play in our lives, balance is key

'Life is not meant to be the leftover scraps of evenings and weekends'

We are not meant to be stressed, anxious and only really enjoying the occasional day each week, that is a previous conditioning put on us by society, we can change that NOW though, so the next generations learn a far more fruitful way of living. Today I want all of us to come away with a new sense of purpose, of invigoration and determination to succeed. Our daily 'job' does not have to be hard or exhausting this is something a lot of society is taught but it is just not so. Let's manifest what we really want and to be doing in this life time today.

'Intuition is prior knowledge without intellectual knowledge'

For many of us, when we are on holiday we take time away from the news, the stresses of the world and life in general. I ask "why wait until you are on holiday? Why wait for the 2 or 3 weeks a year to truly relax? We are most certainly a long time 'dead' and waiting until we have enough money / love or time means our lives will be wasted. I refer back to the quote "Life is not meant to be the leftover scraps of evenings and weekends". I for one want more and want to help others to do the same, waiting on 'tomorrow' is no longer good enough for so many.

Have an amazing weekend & do let me know of any experiences / synchronicities that you have witnessed as you discover the exciting benefits of truly trusting your inner guidance system.



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**updated Learning to Recognise the Voice of Intuition blog from June 2017

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