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Intentions Rock...

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

This Full Moon week is the perfect time to release anything that the current emotional rollercoaster has brought up for you and to continue planning your intentions for 2020. One of the easiest ways to explain the benefits of setting intentions is that by doing so you are plugging into the frequency of the energy of what you want to happen.

As you think about the 12 months ahead, be specific, write lists and visualise your desires as HERE & NOW. The universe works wonders when you truly believe you are worthy and capable of anything. Hick ups are always doing to try and throw us off course, but we have the in-built skills to bring ourselves back to balance. If you want help, Reiki Energy Healing is a wonderful tool and you can learn to Self-Reiki Daily with my Level I Course or sign-up for regular treatments and constantly clear any buildup of negativity.

Working with Crystals to aid your manifesting is highly recommended too. I created a list of the Crystals by Month for 2020, based on the predicted energies. Always be guided daily by what you are most drawn to focus on/carry with you though.

Gratitude Journals, Vision Boards and releasing the outcome to the universal energies are also part of the process. Once you have made some initial plans, be sure to 'get out of your own way' as you let go and let flow. How it is going to happen is not important, dream big and enjoy the process!

Have an exciting time prepping for this new chapter of your life. Be open, think 'outside of the box' and reach for the stars. Today is all that truly counts, all we can be sure of, so let's make the most of it this year. If you need help or want to sign up to a Course or for Treatments, drop me a line.



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Note: Yearly & Monthly intention setting is awesome but do remember to set daily ones too! Mine yesterday was to teach more people Reiki, especially daily self-reiki, and a client booked up for my Certified Reiki Level I Course. Think about what you want NOW and take the action to manifest it.

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