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Positive Energy Shifts with Thursday's Super New Moon

We are undergoing big energy shifts, once again, this week on Thursday 17th September 2020 with the New Moon. It is a Virgo Supermoon at 12pm (UK), 4am (Pacific) so get planning your new goals and dream massively, visualise yourself with all you desire in-situ NOW. There are vast positive energies; we just need to be open to receiving the exciting changes ahead. Earth signs, the most grounded star signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are manifesting success, rewards and a whole new way of being. Set intentions daily for the changing times ahead, new beginnings are coming and it is a time of great healing. Many of you are looking into and applying the ancient wisdom of natural healing such as Reiki Energy Healing and retraining thought processes. It is vital we remove negative thought patterns and live calmer, happier days.

What have you learnt this year? What are you taking into 2021? Make the changes you have been putting off, stop waiting for the 'when I...', do it now. It is a Virgo Supermoon, the sign

of perfectionism, which can create anxiety and over thinking. We must monitor our own thoughts and take the challenges that are showing up as lessons for us to thrive on a whole new magnitude. It has been a tough year but a growth time, and so wonderful so many of you are awakening fully, altering your mindset and trusting in the miracles around you.

Making plans and believing in miracles is definitely our task at this time, we are most certainly learning a new reality, a new world. Pain, grief and disappointment happens to force us to make huge changes to our worlds. It is a period of releasing yourself from the chaos and turbulence, as the old world continues to crumble and we become reborn. Get out in nature, discover peace in your heart and work with the energies to heal and rebuild. Lots of creativity is manifesting and setting long-term plans is our calling. Define what is most important to you, as you look at your future vision and apply peace, clarity and courage to all you do.

We have the wisdom and knowledge to take ourselves forwards, to go on to greater things. It takes hard work and constant intention setting, so the Universe can hear what you truly want and who you want to be. We are all here for a reason and manifesting our dreams is our choice. You have got this, reach out, talk to others and share your thoughts so you can receive guidance and healing.

Complete the Ritual, cleanse your crystals and cleanse your energy and your home often. The Equinox is approaching, as well as Mercury going into Retrograde on 14th October (until 3rd November) so sign those contracts and get organised, so your energy is not impacted. Gratitude for all you have is very important so you can attract abundance, change and peace into your life. I offer Spiritual Coaching, if you want help with your journey, a new monthly membership plan is coming soon too, where we can support and learn from each other. I have £5 off Reiki & Intuitive Readings this week, so you can get balanced and review your life path this New Moon week.

Enjoy the energy shifts, re-do your vision board and write those goals down. Lets see what we can achieve for the remaining months of 2020. Stock up the cupboards, so that any alterations in the supply change does not impact you. Show love, understanding and positive guidance to those around you, so you can all thrive together. We have got this!



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