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How to Read Angel Tarot Cards

We have worked with so many card spreads over the years and our current favourite is the Celtic Cross. This is a spread so well explained by Radleigh Valentine in his tutorials on card spreads and their meanings.

If you are looking to learn how to read your own daily cards or to acquire a greater understanding then this blog is for you. As with anything, it is best to work with what feels best for you, to go with your intuition (not your EGO!) and enjoy the process.

This is the layout of the Celtic Cross:

What each card represents:

No 1:  Where you at the present moment

No 2:  The challenge affecting the current situation

No 3: The Subconscious / the underlying challenge of the current situation

No 4: The Past

No 5: The Present

No 6:  The near Future

No 7:  Where your power is

No 8:  This relates to other people in your life

No 9: Hopes & Fears

No 10:  The most likely outcome, based on your current thought processes

Angel Tarot & Oracle Card readings can help give  you direction, balance and clarity around your situation, any fears, worries or questions you may have. Readings tend to become mini Counselling Sessions, as your past, present and future are reviewed.

I love performing readings, both Distance & In-Person; via Skype, Telephone, Email or Face-to-Face, whatever you prefer! Angel Tarot Readings are effective in much the same way as with Reiki, it is about 'tuning in' to the location and physical form of the client, in order to produce an accurate reading, so distance or in-person are just as effective. More information on our Readings can be found on

Have a wonderful week


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