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April's Super Full Moon Energy Update

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Some of you will be feeling the extreme effects of the energies right now and those impacted by the Full Moon cycles could well be having a difficult week of overwhelm and confusion. Know that you are not alone and things will get lighter and more positive as the week progresses. It is once again a Supermoon, this time in Scorpio on 27th April at 4.31am UK and 13:31pm in Australia (AEST) and the day before, 26th April, at 20:31pm PDT and 11.31pm EST. Scorpio is the most intense water sign adding to the emotional turbulence and levels of determination to ensure changes are made in our lives.

Astrologically the planets are all direct through to 27th April and Mars is out of bounds, beyond its normal positioning, until 25th May so this is adding to the excessive and out of control feelings. Aggressive communication could surface so take more time to keep yourself balanced, Reiki is amazing for this and we can do it at a distance from the comfort of your home. Take time out of the conflicting situations when you can, breathe and release any discombobulating thoughts. Your spiritual goals should be a priority, expanding your knowledge and understanding of the practices and benefits of applying the tools to your daily life (get in touch if you want some coaching or to learn one of my courses).

Mars enters Cancer on 23rd April, which will see us being emotionally protective of our loved ones. Emotional vulnerability is showing up over the next few days too and those that have been thinking about making changes within relationships, now is a good time. On 24th April Mercury is in conjunction with Uranus, which means the emergence of exciting ideas, but also the shocking news we have been predicting beginning to surface. The traits of Taureans are strong, stubbornness and the desire to evolve and start anew will show up for some of you.

There are volcanoes erupting and earthquakes happening throughout the world and this is the same with us, strong emotional shake-ups within world and our personal power structures and the uncovering of secrets. It is time to purge our energies and make sure we are in alignment with what we truly want to achieve. One way to explain it is that we are removing parts of our old identity and going through an electrical upgrade which is going to see us feeling disoriented as the speed of the changes are powerful. Grounding yourself in nature helps and talking to others about how you feel as you transition can be rewarding. Society is becoming more conscious and it can leave us in a bit of turmoil as we recalibrate our energies and learn a new way of living.

Our task is to focus on the magic and beauty of life and increase the laughter and joy we experience. It is a time of ancestral healing too, so that we can switch out the old patterns and not be governed by the mistakes and diseases our ancestors endured. It is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop having so much control over people's lives. Kyle Gray's new book, that was published yesterday, will help with your learning: Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom: Activations to Connect with Universal Spiritual Guides.

Living in the present moment and allowing yourself to welcome in the magic and love you deserve is important. We are most certainly being challenged and it can feel frightening as we enter into the unknown but it is a much needed shift that the world requires for us to upgrade, live less stressed out and have more fun now (not once we retire!). It is ultimately going to feel a lot lighter in energies as we go into May, the hotter weather is welcomed and lets see what we can manifest as the world opens up and we adjust to the new way of living.

Begin to compile your lists of the frustration, annoyances and potential emotional blockages holding you back ready for burning on Monday night or Tuesday morning. See the recommended ritual here: Full Moon Ritual. Know that you are amazing and the disruptive energy shifts ultimately want to help you evolve and grow. To is a time of collaboration with others of the similar mindset as we come together and find new tribes of people on our wavelength. You have the chance to be the light to yourself and those who are drawn to you for encouragement and the lessons of growth. Kindness is infectious at this time and strengthens you as much as the receiver of your gifts. Let yourself open up to a new thought process, perception is everything so be conscious of improving your mindset daily and you can not help but thrive. Thinking outside the box of your normal way of being and aiming for the dreams you previously felt were impossible.

Affirmation: I am excited about the synchronicities and opportunities opening up for me today.

Have an amazing and enlightening few days and know you are unstoppable once you believe in the magic of life. The full moon energies provide a wonderful time of release and expansion of your consciousness and joy of life. Healing yourself first is your calling, to remove the blockages slowing your progress, time to move full speed ahead.



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