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Energy Balancing Breathing Exercises

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

It is wonderful that even the sceptics are looking to find natural ways of healing, relaxing and grounding and moving away from conventional medicine. When we are prescribed pharmaceuticals we don't 'try a few pills' and then leave the rest of the bottle, so stick with your energy healing self-care processes and incorporate them into your daily life. The results will be worth it!

Here are some exercises for you and can be used at anytime, for example: to start you day; at the end of your day or when court up in stressful situations. There are seven main chakras within the body (learn more: the 12 Spiritual Charkas) and these are wheels of spinning energy and even doing this simple exercise brings you into a state of calmness. They are like a mapping system to your emotions, when one is out of sync then it is vital to clear the blockages and work on the thought processes that lead to the issues.

These are additional Reiki positions, that I teach within my Courses, and stem from the 5 main Reiki Principles but you do not need to be attuned to Reiki to reap the benefits. If you want to become attuned to Reiki check out the courses available.

I have uploaded a brief video to YouTube to show the breathing exercises. Notes: Dominant Hand = the main hand you write with & Non-Dominant = non writing hand.

For releasing worry: place your dominant hand over your Root Chakra (base of your spine) and the other hand, over your Heart chakra. Breathe deeply, a minimum of 3 times and feel the sense of release and 'letting go'.

When feeling angry: put your dominant hand on the Root Chakra & the other on your 3rd Eye (in the middle of your forehead) and again do the deep breathing exercises to release negative emotions and calm yourself from within.

If you are feeling out of alignment by what you are doing then, when we are dissatisfied, this can be your bodies way of showing us that we are not being honest with ourselves. The chakra clearing positions for working honestly are, place one hand on the 3rd Eye and the other on the Solar Plexus (just below the naval), until intuition tells you balance has been restored.

To aid you to be grateful for what you have NOW, rather than what you could be 'chasing' after. Put your dominant hand on the 3rd Eye & the other on the base of the skull, stay there as you do the breathing exercises until you are intuitively guided to move.

The final principle is about being kind to others and every living thing. The Reiki positions for healing and to ensure balance within us are one hand on the 3rd Eye Chakra and one on our Root Chakra. When you feel guided, move from the 3rd Eye to the Throat chakra and from the Root to the Heart chakra.

Another releasing exercise that I learnt recently is to put your fingers (dominant hand) into your belly button and the other hand onto your Third Eye (in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes) and breathe deeply 3 - 20 times.

Reiki Energy Healing is about bringing balance to our bodies so that we work in harmony with the universal life energy, to a state where we are no longer ‘fighting against’ stress and worry but work to remove it altogether from our lives. That is important in relationships, in business and daily life, the more calm and relaxed we can be, the greater our ability to manifest.

All of these simple breathing practices work for everyone, try adding them into your daily self-care practice. It is about 'turning off' your fight or flight for ultimate relief and tranquility in the moment. When in extreme danger we need our fight or flight response, but not on a daily basis to 'manage' stress. Let's change the way we live NOW!

Using protection tools help you ward off the negativity of others too, there is a blog about Kyle Gray’s book the Light Warrior and if you follow his ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ practice then you cannot go wrong! I will be writing more about protection in the following weeks.

A wonderful daily goal is to keep you heart and brain in alignment, therefore allowing you to feel balanced, able to thrive and achieve anything you set your mind too.

Have a stunning day.



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