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Crystal Grid for Health & Wellbeing

A guide to creating a Crystal Grid for Health and Wellbeing, to bring balance and remove fear and worry about the health of you and your loved ones. This grid needs to work with us, along side our emotional healing work, via Holistic Treatments, exercise and eating healthily. Having the trust and belief that we can challenge anything life throws at us has such a positive affect on your inner bodies. We have the strength, power & love to help heal ourselves and the rest of the world.

What you need:

#1 Your intention on a small piece of paper to add to the centre of the grid

#2 The location for your Grid, either your altar or health corner

#3 A wand or powerful crystal (such as Kyanite) to activate the Crystals

Crystals for Health & Wellness

Many of the crystals aid our health & wellbeing, so this is just a guide, always go with using what you are most drawn too.

  • Rose quartz to manifest constant self-love, as a reminder were are all worthy and deserve a healthy life.

  • Citrine for happiness (& a great wealth stone)

  • Fluorite or Pyrite or Quartz for a peaceful mind and to promote development and aids meditation to remove the unnecessary damaging 'chatter' in our minds

  • Carnelian for its passion & creativity, boosting motivation & willpower

  • Agate for protection, strength and courage

  • Clear Quartz, the Master healer, for energy regulation, remove negativity and for deep soul cleansing

  • Sodalite aids with Communication in relationships of any kind

  • A Crystal point / sphere or pyramid to activate place in the centre - Quartz, particularly Clear or Rose Quartz can be a good idea or whatever you are most drawn to use. The central stone focuses and amplifies our intentions on health and activates the grid.     

Affirmation: "I am worthy and deserving of a happy, healthy long life."

Print out a Flower of Life and as you begin to set up the grid (& throughout) visualise your dreams and desires around your health and that of your loved ones as being the way you want them NOW & in the future. Repeat the intention as you continue and whenever you see your grid.  It can be good to set this up on a New Moon, as it represents new beginnings.

#1 Cleanse your space with White Sage

#2 Write your intention (if you haven't already!)

#3 Start from the outside of the grid and work inwards

#4 Place the central crystal & intention in the middle

#5 Activate the grid with your wand / Reiki symbols / your ceremonial words of choice and draw a line between each crystal to connect them all energetically.

Hope this helps and do let me know of any further ideas / experiences you have had and any questions. Good luck, good health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Peace, Love & Light


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