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Change Your Personality To Improve Your Health Forever.

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

There are many people who have completely changed how they think about themselves, the world around them and are now achieving their full purpose. By altering your thought patterns and, most importantly, negative self-talk then you CAN revolutionise your health, wellbeing and ability to manifest your dreams. I want as many people as possible to now join this transformation of being and not run to conventional medicine, we can literally rewire our brains by adjusting our thought patterns, ultimately developing our personalities and changing the structure of our bodies. Becoming self aware and of our thought processes, we can generate new neuronal connections to HEAL our bodies and redevelop our world as a whole FOREVER. 

We talk all the time about 'change your thoughts, change your life' but YOU really can, without conventional medicines and procedures, which often only 'put a plaster' on the problem. I have written about this many times before but want to come at it from a slightly different angle as I continue to learn more on the topic every day! There was recently a Heal Summit, run by Hay House featuring people who have actually done this!

Yesterday I watched a video about Claire Wineland, her life expectancy was 10 years old, then her teens and now she is 18 and about to get new lungs, further increasing her chance to live a full life. After going into a coma last year for 17 days and coming out the other side, her outlook, her ability to heal and her progress completely altered. Her father likened it to an 'old soul', wise beyond her words, who now planned to make the absolute most from each day, no matter the outcome. She finished school, began a YouTube channel documenting her 'last days' and is now an incredible motivational speaker and now is going onto a new path of recovery. She has said the love of others has been huge in her life, please don't forget to tell those you care about just how much you love them. Click the link for one of her empowering videos Finding Beauty in the Sadness.

Claire Wineland Quote
Claire Wineland Quote

TODAY is so amazing and the world is changing rapidly, people now believe they can heal themselves and the power their own attitude has on them. Anita Moorjani is another example of someone who comprehensively adjusted her personality to heal her greatly dis-eased, cancer-ridden body. After her Near Death Experience she stopped the constant negative self-worth and self loathing to alter her body, to heal and be released from hospital in 8 weeks cancer free (even though she had previously suffered one of the worst cases anyone had seen).

Recently when I was discussing my Shamanic Soul Retrieval Journeys and how anaesthesia causes us to lose a part of our soul, someone close to me said, "I have had 11 anaesthetics, is that why I am an arsehole". Oh my goodness, this is a humongous example of how NOT to speak about yourself, what NOT to say, what NOT to put out into the Universe about YOU. We are all incredible and unless we effectively revise our personality and self-value then we will manifest dis-ease and live lives less than what they should be. 

I am excited vast numbers of people now know YOU control what happens to you, for you and around you. Step away from negative characters or at least lessen the contact, it is YOUR time to throw away your own words of "oh well I have always been anxious / fearful / incapable of...". YOU CAN DO IT! 

Lets transform our worlds, and how people live in it, together. Seek out the natural treatments, habits, thought processes and activities that stimulate your brain so you achieve BEYOND anything you ever imagine. Please don't 'settle' but push the boundaries and GO FOR IT! We are never 'too old' or 'too stuck in our ways' to change. Reiki and especially Crystal Reiki ignites your immune system and brings to the surface emotions that need to heal, that are stopping your growth and healing. Regular treatments are what work best, along side meditation, yoga, healthy nutrition and whatever hobby makes you happy!

"Change your personality and you change your personal reality" Dr Joe Dispenza

Ultimately we do not want to wait until the experience we have is so extreme, like Anita or Claire, so we are forced to make massive alterations, let's do it NOW. Dr.Joe Dispenza did it through meditation and re-trained his thoughts that way and repaired 6 vertebrae in his back without surgery and has defied all odds that convention medicine bestowed upon him. Such as 'never going to walk again', 'life in a wheel chair' proving you can do it too! I am putting out there that if this blog changes one person's health, wellbeing and ability to believe in themselves then it will be worth. I so love helping others and am grateful every day that I get to assist people with improving their life journeys. Remember: You are 10% what happens to you & 90% how you your words every minute of every day and live NOW!

Don't forget the Super New Moon on Saturday 11th August at 10.57am UK time, a ritual example is HERE, happy manifesting!

Have an amazing day / night / evening wherever you are.

Namaste Emma

Contact Info: +44 (0)7949089265

Excellent video for greater knowledge: & by Dr John Bergman.

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