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Change Your Life Path with Wednesday's New Moon

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The energies of 2021 are going to see things moving at a faster rate and although instability will continue, we have the personal power to control our own space here on planet earth. Exciting energies are appearing as we continue our personal transformation growth journey, harness the opportunities and maximise the benefits on offer to us. Old stuff, which we thought had previously been resolved, will show up to be fully healed over the first few months. Work through all that you need to, do not put it off until another day/time, now is THE best time. This will allow you to gain a new strength and understanding to ensure you can thrive no matter what challenges materialise this month.

The first New Moon is at 5am 13th January (UK) and 12th January 9pm (PST) in Capricorn, a cycle of new beginnings. Capricorn is a sign of ambition, practicality and relentless discipline to get things done. Work with these energies to change your life, become who you truly want to be and plan for the next few years. It is a time of surprises, awakenings and the manifesting of your new life, in line with the transformation the world is undergoing as a whole. It is up to you to do the work, make the changes and live the life you desire.

Tomorrow, 11th January, we have the 111 Portal of Miracles opening up and enchanting the energies of magic and mystery. Be sure to remove all the fear of the past, if you want help we can do a reading via Zoom or a Distance Healing, to ensure you are ready to augment the opportunities available to you. The date and month = 111, a powerful number of manifestation and positivity. As many of us as possible that can embody these energies, the greater the frequency that we will emanate out into the world, to aid the collective healing and world transformation. It is a period of success and mass spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Work with the energetic gateway on offer to you, a wonderful day of visualisation and manifesting awaits you. 11 is my most favourite Angel Number and as Kyle Gray says: "You are in a state of expansion and getting to know your true self better than ever. Know you were born to shine" (from his book Angel Numbers published by HayHouse).

Watch for the surprises and revolutionary changes occurring, you have the strength and courage to rewrite the trajectory of your life over the next few days. When things 'annoy you' question what lesson it is teaching you, making excuses, blaming others and living in a 'victim' mode is no longer your path. Time for personal metamorphosis, as the world transforms too. You are in control and far more able than you realise to improve your life. I want to avoid talking about America in a big way...they are going through their own massive changes and disruption for them is not over. It will filter out into the rest of the world but no need for us to worry or be fearful of what may transpire. What needs to happen will occur; change is very much needed for the country as a whole.

For further assistance book a Distance Energy Healing Treatment; an Intuitive Reading via Zoom; learn one of my Courses via Zoom or go shopping in the Online Crystal Shop and expand the level of nature’s medicine around you. Have a stunning few days and enjoy the ride. Suggested Ritual link HERE.



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