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Basic Rules For a Positive Energy Flow at Home

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Basic Feng Shui / Energy Cleansing Rules:

House Cleansing regularly is a must, but first it is a good idea to work on the areas below:

Handserenity House Cleansing Services

Clocks & Watches - if they are not working / are broken then either, get them fixed straight away or bin them. 'Stuck in time' springs to mind, don't let them hold you back!

De-Clutter constantly, this includes paperwork, receipts, wardrobes, old clothes, make up, toiletries, broken / old utensils. We are just such a nation of hoarders and holding onto stuff 'just encase' it may be need one day!!! Clutter creates energy blockages within our homes but also our minds; a clear space equals a calm, clear mind! Charity shops are now so popular it is very easy to recycle anything you are no longer using and pass on to those who need it.

Coming back to clearing paperwork, this is super important! During a House Cleanse, I discovered that the lady's husband's previous relationships divorce papers were stored under their bed!!! A definite no no, a clear energy block and another reason to dislike beds with storage! If you do have storage under your bed then it MUST be neat, tidy, organised & only bed linen or, perhaps, underwear. NEVER store shoes (symbolism of walking away) or paperwork. Do not have it messy under where you sleep, it is super bad Feng Shui! 

Keep Where You Sleep Serene, even if you are limited on storage and space within the property, be sure to cover 'clutter', if it cannot be moved anywhere else. As we have Next Door & FreeCycle & other sharing websites for trading and giving away items, then we can pick up wardrobes or what we need locally and at minimal cost or FREE! Bedside tables should be sorted through periodically, again, keep the contents to a minimum. Be sure to not have stuff laying around that makes you feel stuck in the past, NOW is what matters most. Open book shelves and lots of books in the bedroom create poison arrows, remove this clutter a.s.a.p!

I do like Wikipedia's explanation of Feng Shui: "a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings. The more we can understand that the space around us gets 'stuck' & 'blocked', the greater our tranquillity & peace can be. House Cleansing grows every month & it is people from all walks of life & properties of very different sizes, from 11 rooms to little flats. Every space is just as important & known to be affecting the occupants in a negative or positive way. 

Your Spiritual Corner /Altar: All Buddha's, statues etc should be facing East (where possible) & it is wonderful if your altar can be placed in the West so they are focusing the energy in the right direction! Here you can also place Crystals, statues, plants & motivational quotes.

Put Away Tablets: If you do have pharmaceutical tablets in your world, then make sure they are not laying around, in sight, so you are not constantly reminded of the pain / ache / dis-ease. It generates negative energy! One day, seeking Holistic Health Care will be the first priority over going to see the Doctor, so the problem is actually cleared rather than a 'plaster' put on the current ache etc. Thankfully more & more people are not taking the advice of the pharmaceutical run NHS but seeking nature healing methods & working to heal within first / alongside resolve dis-ease. 

Placing of Mirrors: Often called the 'Aspirin' of Feng Shui because they are one of the most powerful cures for negativity & when placed correctly bring strong positive energies to specific areas. Do not have a visible one in your bedroom at all, if possible, certainly not facing your bed. Mirrors should also not face the main door or having two facing each other. For children in the home, a least one full-length mirror, that they access often, helps to build self-esteem. This concept of mirror placement needs more investigation though as it depends on the Bagua, Money, Health & Career areas of your home &, as we all are, each space is individual! Rules are there to guide but always be lead by your own intuition, if it does not feel right, don't do it, use them wisely!

Electrical Items: None or minimal electrical stuff in the bedroom, especially no TV's or if you do have one then cover it with a decorative cloth when not in use, so that it is not the main focus. You can do this in the main room / lounge too, it makes a lot of difference to the balance of the space. 

Feng Shui applies to all the rooms and something as simple as NOT leaving washing up in the sink can make a big difference! Having frequent 'drying up' or dirty dishes leads to negative, sticky energy settling in as dirt represents filth and squalor. Do all you can to remove the dark, ominous energy of dirty, clutter and negative items from you space and you will feel truly lighter, brighter and less stressed!

There are always lots to learn about generating positive energy throughout our homes & within ourselves. For your own House Cleanse, see more information here: House Cleansing Services. Do share any tips you find useful too. 




updated 5th June 2019

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