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Stepping into April's Energies + Libra Full Moon

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

April is set to be as magical as March, with the powerful energy upgrades, starting with the Full Moon in Libra on 6th April 2023 at 05:34 London, UK, 00:34 New York, 14:34 Sydney & the day before, 5th April in Los Angeles at 14:34. Followed by the mega energetic portal of change with the New Moon Eclipse in 20th April. A month to elevate your self care practices and to permit yourself to be the new version of you, the person you have become, every minute of the day, so you can live in heaven on earth. Letting go of the density, so you can fly higher, and please do remain aware that you have influence over all you create. Fear is dissolving exponentially as we do not engage with the dark matrix, the mind control that has existed for thousands of years.

The Libra Full Moon is a lovely opportunity to scream at your pad and release anything that has shown up for you, via triggers, events, people, anything! The Libra trait, to strive to create equilibrium in their lives, is perfect, exactly what we are manifesting. Their compassion, empathy and desire for harmony are going to help us bring more joy, love and happiness to the world.

Ascension systems, as our energetic vibration is rising are interesting and extremely varied, it really does depend where you are on your journey, how much you live in your heart not your head and are able to live in the present moment. Recognise the ‘pain’ as a sign to release that associated emotion, not as something truly wrong in the 3D Matrix way, like running to the doctor. Learning about the depth of the deception and manipulation can be exhausting but know that it means you are coming through the 'other side' to a more blissful life. Vibing high daily is our only job, as we sail through the experiences, lessons and laughter.

This month it is time to 'park' our old selves and embody the changes with joy and wonderment, with no fear allowed! We chose to incarnate on Mother Earth at this time to enjoy the magical processes of growth to humankind. Many have removed all the toxic food, drink, and thoughts from their lives to awaken the strength and power of their pineal glands and realise their abilities are beyond anything they had imagined. Often I say that many of us have been on this path for years but we are all one, and those that are waking up now, are doing so at an accelerated rate. It is so beautiful as we are all psychic, empathic and able to be in touch with the energies within and outside of earth. It is just a learning journey to fully activate your senses and permit yourself to transform. The love energies in-coming are huge, so that more joy can be had by everyone, and soul communities are forming, bringing powerful energies to help others heal and evolve.

It is a gift to yourself if you can get into the habit of a daily ritual upon waking to balance your mind, body and spirit, which should comprise of whatever enlivens YOU. Allowing your intuition antenna to be activated, your Merkaba too; recalling all you are grateful for; meditate; practice a self-reiki session; dance; say aloud mantras, affirmations or intentions that you plan to achieve that day, and trust everything is going to work out, as you apply the daily energy maintenance. It is entirely up to you how you manage your energy field, it is just the greater understanding you have of the fact that you are energy, your body is just your 'suit of armour' for this ride on planet earth, then the easier it is to manifest, to call in your dreams and desires. Plus realising you can heal anything you 'don't like' about your physical form, when you change the emotions associated to it, the way you love yourself. Even conscious breathing a few times, sparks happiness and positivity into your day, change occurs even when we apply small steps.

It is important to check whether you are still in your ego, perhaps ask: What negative thought patterns define my day? Where am I undervaluing myself? Is it my perception that needs to altar towards another or a situation or myself? Am I doing what I truly want to be doing? Is my purpose being fulfilled? Listening to your intuitive guidance, over the 'little voice of doubt' works wonders.

Let's cleanse our energy fields every day, so that we only download from our higher self, the real us. Please know how magical you are, the positive essence you provide to all whom you engage with, and that abundance is your birthright. We are here to have oodles of fun, help each other evolve, and enjoy a highly upgraded way of living. Very exciting times, are you feeling it? How has March been for you? To book spiritual life coaching, quantum healing or to learn how to self-reiki and treat others than drop me a message. I am open over the Easter, as I have other trips planned outside of the customary 'holidays', so let me know and I can help you upscale your self-love, plus self-healing, and as you vibe higher, those around you benefit massively too, a win win situation.



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