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3 Free Transformative Healing Tools

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

We have a plethora of tools, treatments and healing modalities available that can transform our lives but there are three things that are FREE, ALWAYS AVAILABLE & WORK LIKE MAGIC, Music, Laughter & Dance!!

The old adage 'dance like no one is watching' is absolutely true. Putting on your favourite music, flinging your arms in the air and dancing around is so good for you! It can transform your mood, no matter what energies you have experienced that day or how you feel on waking.

The same with laughter and no matter where we come from or the language we speak, it is the same in every country & in every language!!! It is the biggest gap between to people, cuts across boundaries, cultures and religions and is incredibly healing. Laughing so much that our sides ache is slightly rarer, but I challenge YOU to see how many times you can do this and encourage others to participate for the month of February. Do comment below throughout the month, so we can see the effects. Remember: You do not need a reason to laugh, go for it!

Children are known to laugh up to 400 times a day but as adults a tiny 15 times daily, let's change that! Taking a more playful childlike approach to complex situations or tense atmospheres is of immense benefit to all involved, we can take life to seriously too often! The health benefits have been proven to help with cognitive function, memory and youthful outlook and even appearance. 'Laughter lines' are certainly good for you and highly recommended, we will not be in this physical form for ever so let's make the most of each day! It helps to eliminate worry, fear and depression and a great way for us to forget our obligations and responsibilities! 

I still do my daily challenge to see how many people smile back when I am out & about. Many look very pleased to be welcomed with a smile and happily respond, they then walk away feeling lighter and, hopefully, invigorated.

All 3, music, dancing and laughing release endorphins, reduce stress, help to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure and improve circulation. As with Exercise, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Gong Baths and so on, these 3 FREE skills & tools create deep relaxation, releases tension, increases positivity & energy levels, aids sleep and helps the elimination of fear, worry and anxiety therefore reducing disease and improves our overall health.

Dancing, Laughing and listening the Music are also infectious, those around us cannot help but join in! 

Please remember the Full Moon (& Lunar Eclipse, Super & Blue Moon - 4 in one!) next Wednesday, 4.55pm UK time and complete the ritual, as mentioned in last weeks blog: HERE, because it will help with all of the above! Writing down a list (no matter how short or long) of thoughts, actions and behaviours that we want to release, burning this or letting it go in a river, has a massive therapeutic effect for us! It is most definitely an exciting year to be alive, 2+0+1+8 = 11, the best number! There is further work you can do, as your new path begins, like having regular Reiki to 'invite the art of happiness' into your daily world. One chant, Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha, clears the path ahead of potential difficulties as it invokes Ganesh, the Lord of Obstacles, the Lord of Beginnings & Deity of Good Fortune. Recording your dreams can better help you to understand your subconscious thoughts too, for releasing anything that no longer serves you.

Have an awesome week, time for a new month with new beginnings and adventures.



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