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You Can Achieve, Believe!

I want to teach the world to think positively, to remove the dis-eases people have come to expect (& accept) in their lives and to heal their minds. It has become the common cultural habit and belief that we can only achieve so much, that things ‘do not happen to people like us’, that once we get to a ‘certain age’ parts of life are no longer available to us. This is NOT true!!

The thought process of ‘how life ought to be lived’ based on the traditions so far needs to alter and we can do it!  I want people to start challenging themselves once more and they will soon see results. I was at my mother’s golf club last week, looking at some old photos and one of the ladies commented “well, off course we have all put weight on since then”, with no plans to change! Anybody really can do anything they set their minds to; we do not have to settle for less, for what society has decided life should be like!

I want to help everyone to shift their negative perceptions so we really can achieve anything and we just have to believe! Deepak Chopra has scientifically proven that every emotional state has a chemical counterpart in the brain called neuropeptides, protein molecules of emotion. Therefore showing that our cells listen to our emotions and they make the same chemicals the brain makes when you have an emotion, no matter the emotion. This is solid evidence that when you change your mind/ your thoughts, you can change your body!

I remember my old housemate saying, “I am just big around the middle, nothing I can do about it”. She was accepting less; we can always do something about it! Even walking improves and alters the body shape, the mind and our overall health. A relative of mine is very down on themselves and the world constantly; they are constantly critical and complaining about all the little things that do not matter! I would love to be able to teach them that by changing the negativity and self-deprecation into self-actualisation and positivity, to believe they are always worthy and do not have to stress at every turn then they can be healed, emotionally and physically. I truly believe this and have read and listened to many others who have achieved just that!

We have a world of people ‘putting up with their lot’ rather than going for gold!! Thankfully more and more of us are truly finding ourselves and positivity and it really is an exciting time to be alive. Louise Hay started Hay House, now the biggest self-help publishing house in the world, when she was sixty years old, 28 years ago. This is a strong example that anything is possible, no matter your age, lets remove the labels and believe we CAN do it.

Let’s be lights for the world and guide others to think positively, throw out the negativity and heal the di-seased bodies and thought processes we have come to accept. I believe we can heal our bodies as we heal our minds. Many of us grew up in fear; full of worry and it is time for us to shift this way of thinking, to teach children, through to the older generations, to think in the present moment and turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. We all still have bad days but it is the way we resolve and throw out the negativity that will change our lives forever.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help people struggling to change their minds; it is a simple and easy process. We do not have to take on the weight of the world. The world is not only about bad news and problems, it really is a wonderful place to be so lets enjoy it! Let’s live for today, yesterday has gone and tomorrow is not here yet. Worrying about anything does not change the outcome but thinking positively can draw positivity into our daily lives.

Have a great week, Namaste, Love & Light. We are all amazing!!!


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