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Wonderful Energies this New Moon

It is time once again to set your goals for the next 28 days with the energies of the Gemini New Moon tomorrow. This moon cycle occurs on Friday May 22nd at 6.38pm in the UK but remember you can get planning 48 hours either side of this time, so no excuse not to complete the ritual!

22 is one of my favourite angel numbers explained by Kyle Gray in his beautiful Angel Numbers book: You are at a crucial point on your journey which will help you understand the relationships and spiritual assignments that will support your growth.

A crucial period for manifesting as we encounter the opening of an abundance portal, aim high with your desires. The twin air sign of Gemini is filled with fun, laughter, increased communication and sociable aspects. Perfect, as we are once again able to connect in person with those who mean the world to us. New doorways are showing up, new social interactions that are on a much improved level than we are used to. Watch the multiple choices that arise when making decisions, follow the path of your heart and your intuition.

Saturn is still in retrograde so it is a time of revision, responsibility and mastery. Do more work to release all the no longer serves you. Fear, worry and stress are a waste of your time, embrace a new way of thinking, alter your perception and have some fun. How you respond to the wonderful changes and spiritual awakening that is being offered to you now is vital. Be open to hearing all the message, seeing the synchronistic signs and ask for help from your angels, guards and the goddess that surround you.

Emotional, physical and mental balance can be achieved with my Distance Reiki Energy Healing Treatments (soon to be in person again too, as it is a hands off session). I am offering Intuitive Reading via Skype for £40 for an hour until 28th May too, Angel cards are gentle tarot and when combined with my intuition and oracles cards, the reading allows you to see your current path and recognise what you need to alter in your life to get to where you want to be. Readings can be a great form of counselling and can help you to resolve issues concerning relationships, life purpose, finances and so much more. To book: Contact Emma.

New Moon Crystals this May:

Selenite Tower, one of the Angel Stones that aids removal of energy blockages in the body. It promotes clarity of mind and enables strong decision-making abilities and good business practices. Use on the Heart chakra for truth & honesty in relationships. Place one in the 4 main corners of your home for protection, prosperity and grounding. Excellent for placing by your bed or on your desk, to ward off EMF's from phones and computers.

Iolite is a stone of vision to stimulate the imagination and work in a stronger way with your intuition, whilst throwing out the ego.

Blue Apatite to increase your appetite for the new world we are experiencing. A crystal for ‘clearing the way’ when adulting, and emotional confusion, clouds our perception of self, restoring our flow. Aids with clarity, self-expression & calming stress, truly knowing yourself is vital (Distance Reiki Treatments help with this too).

Agate Dendritic is great for personal growth, self-examination and removal of self-doubt, improving communication and your desire to branch out into new pursuits. Encourages security and self-confidence.

Tiger's Eye is for increasing self-worth, perception and, once again, achieving goals. It is a very grounding stone that aids the removal of self-criticism, blocked creativity and

stubbornness. It enhances personal insight and knowledge/learning. Health: Treats the eyes and aids night visions, heals the throat and reproductive organs and helps repair broken bones. Chakra: Sacral, Solar & Third Eye Chakra.

Remember to cleanse, charge and activate your crystals with the intentions you have chosen this new moon cycle. Keep a gratitude journal; even verbally saying 5 things out loud daily is brilliant.

Happy goal setting and visualising your new improved journey on this earth, enjoy all that you have and are manifesting. As always, be sure to set your daily intentions and talk about what you desire in-situ now.



+44 (0)7949089265

New Moon Goal Setting Ritual


Smudging sticks, Incense, Frankincense or Palo Santo

Candles & lighter/matches

Your favourite notebook / Moon Diary & Pen

A bowl of water and your crystals of choice

The Ritual:

Find a quiet space (indoors or outdoors)

Sage the area and yourself (the whole body, in a figure of 8)

Light the candle(s), even if it is daylight, as it invites in positive energies

Ground yourself with a sequence of deep breathes, to bring about feelings of calm & serenity. You can follow my breathing exercises here: Youtube Video.

Listening to calm, relaxing music can aid the experience

Record each New Moon Goal in your book, with date & time, to refer back to them

Set intentions, words of your choice.

List all your hopes, dreams & desires from 1 to an infinite number of items, whatever comes to you. Just be sure to aim high

Return to the list throughout the moon cycle & mark off as you achieve each goal / dream / desire & add anything else that has come to mind. Our wants, needs & desires change as our priorities & perspectives transform & grow

A Vision or Mood Board displayed in your home is a great way to monitor your manifesting journey

Do a new list each month, even if it contains some of the same items. It is key to start a fresh and work through your most current personal goals

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