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The Wonder of Children

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

In the words of Whitney Houston 'I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posses inside'. Although having children has not been part of my life path, I am very grateful I get to treat and teach all ages, about living a more conscious, calm, fun existence with Reiki Energy Healing. Parenting has been the topic of my current course, Lifebook with Jon & Missy Butcher and I highly recommend their 12 Category Strategies for Life.

Parenting is so important, the entire human race relays on at least some of us doing it well' - Jon Butcher

Being a Parent is one of the most difficult, but most rewarding, jobs in the world and life challenges happen, beyond our control, such as divorce, custody battles, special learning needs, health issues and coping with the demands of teenagers. Everything parents do influences their life journey, so the more that can be learnt and shared the better. If parents over eat, don't exercise and consume too much sugar, it is then hard for children to be healthy and maintain this through life. Sugars (such as sucrose/ granulated white sugar), dairy, meat and 'diet' products (amongst many other things!) are bad for them, for their health, mental clarity and learning abilities and thankfully many more people everyday are discovering the benefits of removing them from their lives. One of my clients who was suffering with cancer, was finally told to stop eating meat, sugars and such like by the hospital... it took a long time for them to admit the dangers but thankfully he had cut these from his diet himself.

Schooling is great but it does not teach children how to be (consciousness), how to find their life purpose, to cope with personal challenges, health, finances and maintaining relationships. Now that mindfulness is becoming more widely acceptable and taught in schools, then this is one life skill that will be truly transformative.

Although I don't have children of my own, I have a deep appreciation for their unbridled joy, innocence and energy and unspoiled view of the world. Discovering how individual children learn, and digest information, can be invaluable to them. It is certainly about allowing them to think for themselves, question what society is teaching them and know that they can be unique and independent, whilst setting out clear rules and a uniformed parenting style so they know the boundaries and the consequences, if they break them!

Parenting is most definitely about finding balance, whilst not stealing the fun of life. Another important take away from the course is about not instilling fear in them. Yes, they need to learn about safety and the world can seem fearful at times, BUT we can absolutely enjoy the ride too. The media and social conditioning is super negative and destructive to their up bringing, the more positivity that can be introduced the better!

I was lucky enough to teach a young boy last year (10 years old) and he came to visit my stall recently and informed me that he was applying self-reiki every night before bed, to increase balance and calm and reduce stress, as he went into a week of SATs tests. It was heart warming! Reiki is a wonderful tool to bring a greater level of calmness outside of the chaos of life and remains with them forever. More on my courses can be found here: Handserenity Courses.

“There are many ways to measure success; not the least of which is the way your child describes you when talking to a friend.” –Anonymous

One of my favourite mantra's comes in handy too: I am healthy, whole and complete. Apply it even when things go off track, as daily visualisation of where we want to be is vital for success! The more open and 'awake' we can be with ourselves then we can pass this on to the children of the world. The negative, fearful portrayals shoved at us daily by the media and society, can be undone, altered and relearnt, making positivity the focus, so the next generations have a far happier existence, even with all the changes and new pressures (such as social media etc). I reiterate: I highly recommend the 12 Category Strategies for Life, the Lifebook by Jon & Missy Butcher as it provides the tools to rethink, question and expand your view of your world and how you perceive life.

Have an awesome day.



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