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Exhilarating Winter Solstice & Final New Moon 2019

Solstice is a celebration of life and all we get to experience daily, in Latin it is 'sol' meaning sun and 'sistere', to stand still. A day of self reflection, regeneration and renewal, take time out of your busy schedule to breathe and embrace the energy this week. Sunlight is returning gradually from Saturday 21st December, I will be at Duck Pond Market, Richmond 11am-4pm, if you have some last minute healing gifts to purchase.

Saturday may be the shortest day of the year but from now on it slowly gets lighter each day... Spring is just around the corner. A time to believe in magic and miracles so you can attract all you desire as we enter the New Year. When you are able to get into the habit of working with the energies of the New & Full Moon, setting the intentions and releasing all that no longer serves you, it heightens your ability to manifest your desires, definitely record the dates on your calendar: dates for 2020.

It is great that the Winter Solstice happens at the same time for everyone in the world (04.19am UK). We all get the release of energies and opportunity to enjoy all that we have achieved this year and decade! Stonehenge and Machu Picchu in Peru were built to allow people, centuries ago, to follow the path of the sun and honour all that has happened in preceeding 12 months of the cycle.

Then on Boxing Day, 26th December, we experience the final New Moon of 2019 in Sagittarius, in conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of blessings. An awesome time to set your intentions for the new year and you can start now (no need to wait to start the list on such a busy friends and family day). There will be a partial solar eclipse, heightening the transformational energies and a moment to enjoy all the peace available to you, when you step away and breathe. Sagittarius souls will notice an intensity in relationships, something we may all sense as it is a busy day for many of us.

In continuation from the full moon energies, it is a time to heal and let go of everything that now longer serves you, that 'bothers' you and stops you moving forwards so you do not take it into the new year. I would recommend starting your wish list this week, in preparation, to enable you to sail into 2020 with a positive, successful vibe. The eclipse means the energies will be around for the first six months of the year, take action, show up and make 2020 your best year yet. Do be careful what you wish for, keep it beautiful for everyone, and show compassion to those who normally cause you angst. If anyone does make you feel this way, be sure to add them to your releasing list for the first full moon next year.

A motivational moon cycle and a wonderful way to enter the new decade. Do not seek external approval from others, trust you are amazing and you have a lot to bring to earth. The people truly waking up will come together and rise above the negativity that is occurring throughout the world. We have got this! Stop worrying about what you do not have and fully appreciate and be grateful for all you have.

This Festive Season remember we all see the world differently, take time to breathe and apply lots of patience, love and kindness to yourself and all those around you. My next blog will be on the new moon day to help you with your goal setting ritual, with guidance about creating a Self Care Plan for 2020. Look out for it and enjoy preparing yourself for the wonderful energies and personal changes the New Year is going to bring.



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