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What is Energy?

Energy is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies, the combination of light, sound, frequency & vibration & it is in everything. Frequent energetic cleansing of yourself & your surroundings should be a constant habit, the same as cleaning your teeth or drinking your daily water allowance. Smudging your home, yourself & your workplace (if possible). Himalayan Salt Baths & Lamps dotted around your home work wonders, removing the negativity of others that we collect. Crystals are another aid for healing on many levels & to boost our energy fields.

Spiritual energy is known as 'Prana', 'Universal Life Force' or 'Qi' and is the manifestation of pure love and the divine. The universal life force energy binds the soul to the body. We can measure & feel energy within the body by various means, one example is an electrocardiogram that records a person's heartbeat. During Reiki, it is possible to sense the energy and any blockages with another's body and then work to shift & clear emotional, physical & mental blockages to improve health, wellbeing and relieve pain. I love working with Reiki & teaching others to enable them to bring this amazing healing modality into their daily lives.

An energy of an object, person or event affects another so be sure to protect yourself before leaving the house or on entering a situation that could potentially contain negative energies. This can be stressful situations or where are people that carry negativity with them. For me, I surround myself with a protective white light & am sure to send love to any of the destructive or unfavourable people. Empaths use the auric energy around us to sense the energy around us & of the people we engage with. 

Illness & disease happen because of incoherent patterns in our energy fields. Cleansing, yoga, reiki or any modality that re-aligns our energy fields all help. Even colours are energy & understanding why we are drawn to colours or have 'favourite's' can often depict our mood & current thought processes! Reiki also works to release the dogma of our conditioning that occurs due to taught & learned perceptions & behaviour's. Regularly clearing our energy fields with Reiki brings feelings of excitement, inspiration & inner peace. Working with Reiki on yourself and others allows you to adjust beliefs and opinions normally outside your way of thinking. 

Being out in nature is also a great restorative way to heal & ignite positive energy within us. Tree hugging used to sound so 'way out there' but it works! Green is the colour associated with nature, love of others & self-love, a colour of balance & harmony, hence why a walk in a park / garden or similar is so beneficial to our mind, body & spirit.

There is so much that can be written on this topic & I am sure it something that I shall discuss again in my weekly blogs. 

Have an amazing day



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