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Transformative Times

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Hello everyone, well what a worldly transformation we are experiencing, we needed a massive reset yet I do not think anyone was expecting such drastic measures. Nature is learning to thrive again due to the drop-in pollution and the reduction in human movement on the planet which is lovely and goes to show how much effect our daily habits have on the earth’s ability to flourish. On a personal level, we can take this opportunity to retrain our thoughts, release bad habits and improve how we perceive everything, even ourselves.

I have yearned for more people to fully wake up, live more consciously, and discover new ways to release fear, stress and worry. Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your existence, how you spend your time, the thoughts that frequently occur and what you personally can change to emerge into the new world that is forming as a more grounded and happy individual with greater tools to deal with life’s challenges.

The plethora of online material allows us to do this at home, far more than we thought possible! I am super grateful for the beautiful souls purchasing my Certified Online Reiki Courses, booking Distance Reiki Treatments & Intuitive Readings with Angel and Oracle Cards via SKYPE, so I can still help them with their healing journey. I talk about energy a lot, it is everywhere, in every living thing, and the more we listen, discover and appreciate the implications of it on our existence then the stronger character, personality growth and love for ourselves will be achieved so we shine on the ‘other side’ of the current changes.

Gratitude is a gargantuan step in the direction of manifesting your hopes and dreams for the future. Writing or reciting to yourself a minimum of 3 things daily, opens a positive energy vibe as you begin or close (preparing you for tomorrow) your day. Setting intentions first thing in the morning will assist you, they can be big or small, and give out the vibration of what you desire.

When we are born, our soul has a purpose, like a contract we made with the universe, and events occur to show us this path and will continue to show us signs, events and synchronicities until we embrace full authentic empowerment. Learning to release your fears and throw out negativity, as it arises, is super important so we can become conscious of all we feel and think. We have a wonderful chance to transform the way we conduct ourselves, therefore aiding the exception growth of society to achieve enlightenment, to live consciously and tap into the energies of the universe.

Trust all will be well, that these extreme events needed to happen, and work on new ways of living and the faster the world will heal. Events cause us to feel negative, it is how we work with these messages, heal from the past and thrive NOW that is key. Building an incredible foundation of inner peace, hope and love is highly recommended so we can aid the current metamorphosis of the planet.

Remember your intuition is there to assist you, it is your perception beyond the physical senses, and greatly helps remove the ego thinking that can block us from moving forwards. Good luck on your spiritual growth journey, an unprecedented evolutionary time of considerable change and awakening.

Email, call or message via the website, if you have any questions and would like guidance on your path to spiritual enlightenment.



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