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The Enigma of Time

Deepak Chopra says "Time management is based on how you feel inside", I agree with him, when we are unhappy, unsettled or uncertain, we tend to 'blame' time. 'Not enough time to do that', 'I must sit down & relax because life is hectic', not true, if you feel you do not get enough 'time' then RETHINK your perception, your thoughts & what you actually do with your time. 

We do not have to be constantly stressed out, 'rushed off our feet', a perception we learn growing up or through adulthood or through relationships with others. We all have commitments, & some have others to take care of, but re-evaluating how we manage our time works, especially if you start with how you perceive time. "Oh I am always busy, no time for that.' which is fine if you are happy with each moment, just be sure you are not BLAMING time for everything.

It should not be 'where did the time go' but 'where did the opportunities go'. You have a choice to race against the clock or work on altering your perception. If you feel 'hard done by' & want more time to rest, sleep, sit & do nothing then only you can help yourself with this. Unless you are a doctor or similar then nothing is that urgent. I often refer to this when people say they 'have to do this' referring to a job & I ask 'are you a doctor, is it a life or death situation?’ always 'no' then take a deep breathe & change how you perceive the situation.

"Our perception of time is deeply affected by the wounds of our past" Oprah

Wanting to make every moment count should not lead to more stress but more satisfaction. Make time count in the best way for you, it is vital that we make peace with time and stop saying we have 'lack of time'. You are in charge of your life & your time, you have a choice every time you decide to do something the way you do. Don't let past behaviours, treatment by others from our past or our current destructive misconceptions stop us from enjoying what we do, from causing us to constantly be 'manic', this is completely unnecessary. You have a choice to better plan your time, to not feel 'hard done by' or put upon. Change anything that does not make you happy, self-sabotage is so destructive.

One quote I read the other day is 'Your darkness is your breadcrumbs to your mission'... use the experiences in a positive way to reach your goals. Don't self-sabotage your time, your life and your dreams because of how YOU are using time. Life is very short so lets enjoy the ride.

Throw out ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’ and change your life today! Our thoughts really do mould and change our world on a daily basis. Have an awesome week.



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The gifts that come wrapped in sandpaper, from our darkness, are our breadcrumbs to our mission.

Image from a poster by Salvador Dali's Melting Clocks

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