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Mega Taurus Black New Moon Eclipse April 2022

We are going to experience the most gargantuan energy shift of our lifetime, so far, on Saturday 30th, also in the days before (now) and many will feel the effects for some time afterwards. We need to apply bucket loads of protection and grounding rituals, (try the Bedtime + Nighttime Matrix's on my Instagram) and open our hearts and minds to a new way of living. Hold onto your hats and set THE strongest, clearest intentions so that magic can enter your life this New Moon.

Eclipse season is upon us, so let's make the most of the powerful energy shifts and opportunities opening to us. April 30th, we have a partial Solar Eclipse, that is carrying Solar Masculine Energies (Yang energies) and then the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16th, which contains Lunar Feminine Energies (Yin energies) and together they are creating the Divine Portal of Unconditional Love, that the world much needs. Divine Feminine Energies are at the forefront of the ascension process, of the changes in human nature, consciousness and behaviours, so it is vital to fully embrace your feminine qualities - this applies to both men and women.

Divine Feminine energies have been hidden, suppressed and, in some place, obliterated from life. Now that is changing, new learnings are emerging and the emotional side of us is being strongly encouraged to thrive by the shifts in energies, perspectives and habits. We all incarnate with different intentions, from multiple backgrounds, and with a plethora of past life journeys and, this make us all unique. Stop comparing yourself to anyone, be inspired but not depleted by another's actions, we are here to have fun not be stressed. Once you decide you want a better life for yourself, that is the minute the entire universe shifts in your favour and helps you with your path.

A mantra: Life is easy, everything I do is easy, I let magic into my world and truly live in heaven on earth.

On Saturday 30th April 2022, we have the Black New Moon Eclipse in Taurus, the 2nd New Moon of April, at 21:28 (London, UK);13:28 (LA, U.S.A.); 16:28 (NY, U.S.A) and on 01.05.2022 at 06:28 in Sydney, Australia. Taureans (something I know a great deal about heehee) are providing the basis for the energies this moon cycle, that of elegance, abundance, stability, passion, determination, loving kindness, loyalty, hard working (for that which they adore and that serves others greatest interests) and 2022 is a transformative year for them and as such you too, as they govern this cycle. Very exciting times, for those open to the energies that surround them, who are learning a whole new concept of life as we (used to) know it. A mega transformation this lunar phase, enjoy the planning and execution of completing your goals and dreams. An awakening, reclamation of our bodies and an embracing of our sexuality, power and majestic presence, as the Divine Feminine energies take centre stage once more (as they once were many eons ago).

We really can manifest all we desire and one example is whilst at Glastonbury Festival in 2016 I declared that I was going to stop my monthly cycle and not experience the menopause. It is an inconvenience, a 'stress' and a cost that I decided to remove from my life. I remember announcing this to a psychic lady I go to for readings (super hard sometimes to read yourself without ego etc butting in) and she confirmed, yes you will bleed once more then be done with it. I love the power of the mind over our bodies and am disappointed daily by those who still choose to run to the pharmacy or doctors with aches and pains, rather than look at the emotional cause and work to fully heal themselves. We are all magical, all have physical abilities and can transform our mind, bodies and souls. We just need to get the f**k off the societal train of the need for external help, 'legal' drugs and diagnoses. Time to stop teaching the younger generations the wrong way to live, instead championing natural foods, very limited sugar, dairy and meats, and lots of time in nature physically are the best medicines.

We need to work on our own healing, inner child and shadow work, and be sure to book healing into every day. Focus on your heart desires when you write down your intentions, as you complete the New Moon Ritual and visualise the miracles in-situ NOW. You can do this on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, although the energies are strongest on Saturday 30th. It is time to start that new project, to take the biggest risks of your life, and welcome the epiphanies, for clarity of your new adventures, as you believe in your heart that you are worthy.

This New Moon the intentions you write down, and read daily, will shape your future. I cannot stress the importance of planning and writing + rewriting them in a manner that is positive, affirmative, and as though we have achieved the goals already. It can include everything, big and small, but the bigger the better with the words 'this or something better is now manifesting for me, for the highest good of all' at the end. The universe will meet you at the point you are equipped for right now, if you are not ready or not in full belief of your capability to achieve what you want, then it will not show up until you are fully up for it. Hence why the clarity of our intentions is paramount, if you want to book healing and guidance in May then do get in touch. I am closed 27th, 28th and 29th April and will respond on my return.



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