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Take Time to Breathe

I think we will always encounter reminders that what we think is what manifests in our world. Do be careful what you think, say and do, it has a massive effect on your own health, healing & growth. No matter how much personal growth has already been achieved, we all need to be sure to heal & cleanse ourselves from the negative thoughts, feelings and energies around us.

This also applies to the people in our lives & that we encounter on a daily basis. How another reacts is very often NOTHING to do with you, even though it can very much feel like it at the time. Take a step away, a few deep breathes and re-evaluate. Mostly, they are dealing with their own challenges and learned behaviours. Be sure to protect yourself and 'throw away' worries, fears and anxieties that develop because of situations & interactions with others.

I  recently allowed extreme busyness to become a 'stress' in my life, as I embark on new challenges and in the pursuit of reaching new goals. This caused a loss of voice, fatigue & unnecessary worry. Then as the situations are resolved we are reminded that worrying changes nothing, something we forget sometimes until the 'stress' has been completed or resolved. There is always a lesson to be learned to take us to the next step on the growth ladder.

The same applies for the thoughts & feelings we put out there about situations, events & people. I put out there recently that I need an appointment to change and immediately got a call to change it, to a more suitable time for everyone involved. Just be careful what you wish for!

I was also very much reminded why I do what I do over the past weekend. My first sale of the day on my crystal stall on  Bank Holiday Monday was to a boy who asked lots of questions and walked away very happy with his £1 Aventurine tumble stone. What turned out to be his guardian, rather than his Mum, said he had not spoken so much in the whole time she had fostered him and he seemed so happy, she thanked me massively. This is the soul reason I have my stall!

A lot of our own thought process can be a result of learned behaviours &  ideas we grow up with about how we should think, feel & be. We must be sure not to allow another's abusive, negative behaviour & attitude to affect our mood, our day & our growth. You are in control of your own destiny, your own thoughts and how your life unfolds. It is weird we let the behaviour of others have any 'power' over us but it happens. It is how we evolve and react to life that matters. 

Affirmation to take away going forwards: "I am enough, I am amazing and my thoughts create my world."

Have an amazing weekend.



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P.S. My article on Crystal Reiki for Kindred Spirit Magazine has been submitted & will be in the Summer Edition, more info coming soon. It is available in WHSmiths, online & various outlets throughout the UK. 

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