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Spiritual Awakening

Hello, signs you are becoming more spiritually awake and enlightened appear everywhere. The world is definitely seeing a shift as more & more people work to transform their lives from ones with negative, critical thought patterns to positivity & hope. With so many horrid events happening around us & throughout the world, it is great so many of us are 'taking our power back' & releasing learned behaviours that do not compliment a optimistic, confident mindset. 

The more enlightened we become, the more aware we are of synchronicities that take place, such as the time 11.11, a key angel & spiritual time; meeting people at the right time in our lives to learn the next lesson life has for us & that what we believe & think really does come true. Our angels help us on this path & you may have sightings of significant objects, white feathers or multiple numbers the same 222 and so on. Keep your eyes & mind open & it is incredible what you can notice!

Today a Raven came to see in the tree outside my window, for some time. This means synchronistic events are happening, that I am in the right place at the right time. The people around me are reflecting back at me the things I most have to learn. The exciting thing is, a Raven appears when magic is imminent, a time of rebirth, recovery, renewal, reflection & healing, exciting!!! They signify changes occurring smoothly, something special is about to happen... exciting!

Waking up between 3am - 5am is common as it is a very spiritual time. As we go through healing we can require more more sleep, as we heal. Using daily affirmations is a must - I have them up through out my home & on my desk & computer, to remind me! All the alterations help with reducing worrying & not being governed by the ego as our thoughts are more frequently positive. 

My spiritual journey has lead me to feeling connected to everything & everyone & with a stronger connection to animals, nature & the food I eat. I have found almost eradicating meat from my diet is extremely beneficial as most animals are slaughtered so in inhumanly, when we consume them we actually take in the anger & pain from their awful passings. We all have different experiences & journeys of discovery, I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

The more enlightenment we become, the more our positive energy brings a high vibration into our lives & the more positive circumstances we attract. We grow to understand that everything really does happen for a reason and synchronistic events have a very special meaning in our lives.

My weekly reading for everyone, on YouTube, focused on this topic, prompting me to write this blog. You can watch it here: By subscribing to our YouTube channel, you will get notifications when every something new is posted so that you never miss out on advice, guidance and healing.

Have an amazing week.



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