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Reiki & Future Life Regression

Reiki Energy Healing brings many wonderful experiences to our lives, not least being able to perform Future Life Regression on ourselves. The future is a beautiful mystery yet it can cause worry that maybe all will not be ok or when things are going great we can have thoughts about something bad happening to out way the good. All crazy, unnecessary thoughts that will not change the outcome so throw them away! No amount of worry even changes the final result; we are all where we are supposed to be at the right time, even if things do not make full sense at the moment.

This technique is based on a combination of Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), it allows you to travel into your future and create the life you want.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Begin a Reiki self-treatment and focus your awareness on your crown chakra. Visualise a small opening in your crown chakra and imagine you are floating upwards through the opening, hovering just above your body. Now visualise the timeline of your life, images relating to your past, memories, events and future expectations. The standard timeline is the past extending to the left or behind you and the future to the right or in front but let it flow as you see fit.

Visualise yourself floating above your timeline, until you reach the end. Should your timeline appear to end before old age or before achieving your full potential then project the Full Reiki Sandwich onto your timeline. Imagine taking hold of our timeline and stretch it out to add longevity, well-being and a rich fulfilling future.

Use the Complete Reiki Sandwich Set of Symbols

Review your timeline and your life and evaluate if you are happy with how you have lead your life. Have you reached your full potential? Have you made a worthwhile contribution to this world? What would you like to change? For the parts of your future timeline that you want to change then again project the Reiki sandwich onto that part (or parts). Visualise the infinite wisdom of Reiki dissolving the unwanted part of your future and replace it with a new positive, fulfilling and enriched life.

Review your timeline again, feel and visualise a happy, fulfilling future. Envelop your timeline in the healing guiding light of Reiki and look forward at the wise person you will become. Notice the future you has a gift for you, it could be words of wisdom, something that is important on a personal level. Take this gift and give thanks to your future self for the amazing present and take a moment to assimilate and appreciate the information.

Gently float back down through your crown chakra opening and bring your awareness and gift to your heart chakra beneath your hands. Place the gift from your future self into your heart chakra. Experience, feel and sense the new you and use the gift wisely. Allow the process of transformation and change to begin. Complete the Reiki session by conducting a Reiki self-treatment and then gently open your eyes. This Timeline Reiki process can be adapted and used on other people.

To do this you will need to be trained in Reiki Level I & II. I run workshops & have online courses for Usui Ryoho Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Level & for Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Level. Do get in touch if you are interested or sign up to my weekly newsletter for updates, I also add the dates to the Events page.

Have an amazing weekend, see some of you @ Duck Pond Market, Heron Square, Richmond this Sunday.



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