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Reiki for Manifesting Abundance

It is a myth that to be spiritual you cannot be rich, totally untrue! By manifesting plentiful abundance, we can then do so much good in the world, within our communities and for our friends and families. We do not have to work 24/7 and be severely stressed out day in, day out, to achieve. That again is a misguided 'belief' that is very often instilled in us at a very young age, if we are not stressed we will not succeed. Well I am writing this today for that very reason, we can lead happy, relaxed lives and still prosper. It really is about re training our thought processes and frequently checking back in with ourselves every week, to maintain positive thinking, even at trying times.

Reiki and other mindful techniques and exercises can help alter our thought patterns and remove any emotional, physical and mental blockages that have built up over time. It is true that we attract what we believe, so if we believe we will never have enough, then we will never have enough.  Low levels of money is not related to lack of education, luck or fate but to the blockages we create with our negative, disbelieving mindsets. Remove the feelings of lack and replace with abundance, of wealth and security.

Our new thought pattern: We deserve to have enough money and constantly send that vibration out with our positivity. 

You will need a minimum of Reiki Level 1 for this practice:  

Create visualisations where you can actually smell, hear and feel what you are looking to manifest. Activate Reiki and place all your symbols into the visualised object and sit with this for a few minutes, charging the image so that it seems real, very much like a lucid dream. Imagine surrounding it in a sphere of golden-yellow light of increase and then multiply the spheres, as many times as is possible. Send the spheres out into the universe, firstly to friends and family then more widespread, being sure to include our enemies. Visualise all these people receiving your gift and see the joy and love this generates and how helping them makes you feel overjoyed. We can use this technique at any time, such as in a supermarket to send spheres of food to the starving, less fortunate people in this world.

Generosity makes room for abundance to enter into our lives. Let us throw out the fear based thoughts of our bills, retirement and the pressures society puts on us. What you send out, you receive, watch your thoughts, like attracts like, good luck. Remember, it is how we react when our thoughts stray that are important.

The unconditional love, calmness and peace generated by Reiki grows daily and encourages peaceful, joyful living. We become more aware of our ego, of fearful thoughts and work to remove them frequently. We must adopt mantras of belief and visualisations that what we desire has actually manifested already. We have to move from poverty thinking to prosperity thinking, we are all worthy!

Positive Affirmations:

  • My income is constantly increasing I prosper wherever I turn

  • I am Success & Abundance

  • I am a magnet for money and prosperity flows into my life with ease

  • I am well compensated for all the work I do

  • I am open to prosperity or add your own, whatever puts you in the right frame of mind to believe in yourself & your future prosperity.

Have an amazing day or night, dependant where you are in the world.


+44 (0) 208 892 4627

Certified Usui Reiki 1, 2 & Master Level Workshop coming soon, sign up for updates or Purchase the Certified Online Courses today and bring the healing power of Reiki into your life daily.

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