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Reiki & Crystals for Allergic Rhinitis

Spring has sprung and many people 'suffer' from its effects with watery and itchy eyes, nasal congestion and sneezing aggravated by pollen, animal dander as they moult, and as we spend more time outdoors. Reiki and Crystals can help by balancing and improve the immune system to stop the over-stimulation from allergens.

Emotional issues can also be the underlying cause so further investigation helps loads. When we EXPECT something to be bad, go wrong or turn out a certain way then it does because ultimately that is what we believe. The body goes into fight or flight when negative emotions are combined with the current allergens causing issues. The mind is a powerful tool and although it has created a subconscious association between the stressful situation and the substance to trigger a reaction, it can be unlearned and retaught!

Tip: Go back to when the allergies began, any stressful situations or events and what brain retraining needs to occur or thoughts 'thrown out' to aid the healing.

I am no longer allergic to long grass, animals, nuts and so much more, ultimately because I REFUSE to have these allergies anymore. One, the severe nut allergy, cause a mild case of anaphylaxis on a flight to Australia because they handed peanuts to everyone with their drinks. Weirdly, due to shock, I thought I should not use my Epipen, I might need it in Oz (I could have got another one but I was in panic mode!) and so had a terrible period of great difficulty breathing, swelling and distress BUT the airline was not interested in helping. I was allowed to stand in first class for 10 minutes & they supplied water (I used to make myself sick & consume large amounts of water to counteract the reactions).

Anyway, the point is, when I returned to England, after one month, and having worn a mask all the way home, I was determined to remove this reaction. Using Reiki, mindset and gradually introducing various nuts, almond milk, walnuts, pesto etc then I got rid of it. This was fully tested the other day when a student brought peanuts to eat during a day of teaching them a Reiki Refresher Course and nothing happened! No itching, no swelling & no problems breathing Win, Win!!! I now perform Animal Reiki frequently too, with no allergic reactions.

YOU and those around you who suffer, CAN get rid of these effects for good, for life. Regular Reiki treatments combined with the Crystals and working through the emotions involved, from the start of the allergens, will see amazing results!

To BOOK Regular Reiki Treatments see here: It can also be incredibly advantages to learn Reiki Level One so that you can apply self-reiki treatments at home and when in problem situations / when a reaction occurs. More info here:



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