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Reduce Your Sugar Intake to Lift Your Mood

Sugar addiction is a societal habit and something we think we require to function and 'get through the day'. Advertising perpetuates the routines we have learnt, making sugary food and drink a special treat we 'deserve', a 'fix' that we require, yet it harms our ability to function at our optimum level.

Depression, anxiety and multiple diseases, occur because of what we consume (thoughts fit in this box too!), reviewing your diet is a gift to yourself. Companies want us to believe we cannot change, we CAN. Do not be fooled, weight management is a billion pound industry; they do not want you to obtain your desired health and fitness levels. You are able to heal yourself so miraculously, beyond what you can imagine, you just have to know you can do it. Repeat constantly to yourself that you can, repeating mantras help the process further too.

It is a new voyage of discovery for you; break down what works and what doesn't. As no one can tell you how to think, companies should not be telling you what to consume.

"When you eat sugar, your immune system lowers by 40% for the next five hours"

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci.

A simple way to witness the effect of sugar on those around you is by monitoring their mood before and after eating anything that contains sugar, such as cereal, chocolate, cake, juices, some yogurts... the list goes on and on! One way is to watch the difference in a group of children happily playing, then eating cake, and having tantrums, being argumentative, even aggressive. A sugar high, then a low, affects your rational, patience and, even, love for yourself. Not only triggering being disappointed with yourself for over eating but also the spike in your blood sugar exacerbates 'problems', 'worries' & fears.

I cut out a massive percentage of sugar from my diet, then 2020 happened, throwing us all very much off guard and I let my self-care slip. Well, to be honest, I wanted that 'treat' of wine, Haribo, even occasional chocolate. As an empath and clairsentient, I strongly sense others fear and anxiety, and I can feel when unsettling changes are going to happen for them. Eating sugar affects my ability to stay grounded and at peace. We are all unique so test different foods and your reaction to them, bringing to light what is best for you as an individual.

Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry treat the symptoms of dis-ease not the root cause. A good example is mental health, where how the person feels and what they consume is rarely investigated or any assistance and knowledge provided. Those that do undertake holistic therapies and natural medicines have a faster recovery and greater health long term. Improving your nutrition and breathing exercises, regularly clearing energy blockages from your body, and protecting your energy field daily allows miracles to unfold.

I am sure many of you have found yourselves emotionally exhausted after a shopping trip or exercise outdoors in these times, perceiving the uneasiness in those you encounter. Destructive self-medicating, such as over or poor eating habits, and not following self-care practices, heightens your inability to remain balanced, calm and feeling in control. Getting a dose of daily sunlight or take a vitamin D supplement, and following protection practices, before you go out, help with maintaining your positive energy field.

Everyone is unique; we all react differently to foods, substances, and even how we perceive the world. It is very much working out what is best for YOU. Investigate times when you feel angry, aggressive, discombobulated and uneasy, see what you have been eating, drinking and thinking, and remove all that no longer serves you, as we evolve, our intake changes. For all that you want to change, remove items from your diet gradually, give it a few days and monitor the levels of your feelings. Has your depression reduced? Are you less anxious? Have you lost weight? Do you have more energy? Diarising your emotions is of benefit, as you go through this transition.

Release the necessity to blame anyone or anything for all that you want to change. Visualise your self healthy and happy, manage your nutrition, and repeat after me "I am fit, healthy, whole and complete". Also, when we are annoyed at someone or something, it is a reflection of what we need to heal. Work on your thoughts, along side your food, and let your intuition guide you along the way.

You are on a journey of transformation, finding your grounding in the new world, and uncovering your life purpose. Look at the areas of your life that you want to improve, whether that is your food intake, thought patterns, exercise, self-love levels, anything and everything. Breakdown everything down into a monthly plan of action and goal setting. It is exciting times, a massive time of personal change and spiritual growth. Be sure to focus on the positives, and you will thrive going forwards.



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