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Rediscovering Our Origins - Arcturians

Have you ever felt you were of Arcturian origin? Do you relate to their key abilities and attributes? I have been fortunate enough to have been working (virtually) with a Arcturian hybrid, Viviane Chauvet, via the recent Stargate Experience energy meditation series from Maui. Viviane is an amazing universal communicator who has been fully aware of her origin and purpose here on earth, since birth. Her parents have always been aware too, she openly connects with her Arcturian family and support team, and her guidance as earth transforms is priceless.

Universally, Arcturians are strong-willed, can possess magnified masculine energies, be architects, leaders and pioneers, full of divine inspiration. Known as the doers, rather than the thinkers, but there are always unique varieties of all types of souls, in this galaxy and beyond. Viviane is one example of their deep loving, caring nature and motherly communication style, she is super gentle and open to everyone.

Sometimes they can experience excessive hurt, grief and suffering in this lifetime and have a deep shadow side, that can come from generational issues that need healing, especially before helping others. Science is a topic often enjoyed, as they are forward thinking, and their memory recall can be vivid, making them very useful to have around. Another habitual trait is the love of warm climates, everyone is unique so dig deep, tune into yourself, and you should be able to discover your true identity with great love and trust for yourself.

Dominate Traits:

  • A thirst for knowledge and wanting to know the answers to everything

  • Love planning and creating to help make the world a better place

  • Often able to remain balanced and calm, when needed

  • Born public speakers that love communicating in groups

  • Constantly working to stabilise masculine and feminine energies

  • Drawn to the mathematical elements of spirituality, such as sacred geometry and numerology, as deciphering stuff is enjoyed

  • Easily build trust from others - they are often sort out for advice

  • Advanced psychic and spiritual gifts

  • Can be emotionally guarded and logical in their thinking yet loving and open - like a double-sided coin

  • Feel misunderstood by others, and the world, until they learn to understand their place here on mother earth

  • Super drawn to the night sky and all it contains

  • Intrigued by ancient cultures

  • Very driven, success feeds their soul

Please remember we have chosen to experience this time on mother earth, especially when you feel excessively 'out of place' or that you 'just don't belong here'. You are here for a magical reason, I love you, we love you, we are one, a unity consciousness of strength, love and compassion, that is growing exponentially day-by-day. Let's keep taking the action towards an upgraded way of living, a more creative, happy existence for everyone. Drop me a message if you would like to book ascension coaching or one of my healing services. The more we can work on ourselves, the greater we can help those around us and the world as a whole.

We are going through so many transformations this week, since the Equinox, New Moon and now Pluto entering Aquarius that it is a magical time to be in the physical form. Enjoying the healing, awakening and personal metamorphosis's showing up when you tune in, vibe high and allow yourself to evolve.



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