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Part 2: 1st Reiki Principle: Just For Today I Will Not Worry

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Worrying, as with any negative emotion, causes imbalance within our body and mind, affecting the circulation of energy within us. This is why worry & stress can lead to dis-ease, as our negative emotions affect the functioning of our bodies and their ability to naturally heal.

Anger deals with our past and present events, whilst worry deals with the future ones. A little worry/ concern can trigger us into action but excessive worry is destructive and a total waste of time and energy, worrying will not change the outcome of a situation or event. Letting go of worry brings healing to the body and aids the body’s natural regeneration, as we learn to live in the now. Positivity is not only good for our Soul but for our overall health too.

Worrying really does not change the outcome of any situation, so why waste the energy and negative effects it has on our inner workings, throw it away! Surrounding ourselves with positive people has a positive effect on our mood, our thoughts and our actions, naturally improving the inner workings of our soul’s vessels and helping us to further reduce unnecessary worry.

Life challenges are vital to our development and a mind-set, when one sees setback, as an opportunity to learn then we can all be happier, more grounded beings. Laughter is a great medicine.

The Chakra most impacted by worry is the Root Chakra (base of the spine), if a client is prone to be a worrier or going through a period of excessive worry then place your hand over the Root and Heart Chakras, until you feel called to stop / once the heart chakra removes the energy blockages from this area then this will aid their healing process.

Have a great day

Bright blessings


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