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New Deck Review: Angels & Ancestors

The brand new Angel & Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, with Artwork by Lily Moses is a beautiful deck with a total of 55 cards. Kyle has made 4 sections / suits which are easy to follow and definitely worth investigating & familiarise yourself with them before using for readings. Oracle means to speak wisdom, each card has an image, name and description to guide you but be sure to follow your own intuition, based on those thoughts specific to the client (or yourself, if reading for you!). The title of the deck explains everything, as we work with our Angels & Ancestors to learn, grow and better understand our journey on this physical plane.

From the Guidebook that comes with the set: 'They act as a bridge between this world and other worlds, bringing guidance, insight and support. What is important to know is that the magic is not coming from the cards - they simply reflect the incredible wisdom that is within you' by Kyle Gray. This is wonderful opportunity to open up to provide readings for yourself and others that bring messages from our ancestors and the angels that support us daily.

The Sacred Ones are messages from our ancestors, the wisdom keepers of the earth and contain 30 cards. Druid, Elder, Father Sky, Great Teacher, Hermit, High Priest, High Priestess, Hunter, Knight, Lady, Lord, Medicine Mother, Mother Earth, Peacekeeper, Oracle, Sage, Seer, Shaman, Shaolin Master, Shapeshifter, She-Wolf, Shield Maiden, Spirit Fox, Star Ancestor, Stargazer, Trader, Traveller, Warrior, White Witch, Wise One. They are shamans, medicine & lay people, warriors and merchants who offer guidance to support our path in life. 

The Guardians & Messengers - 12 cards, all followed by or include 'Guardian" in the name.  Kyle Gray has designed these help us connect with our primal needs and desires so we can live our full purpose, our reason for being on this earth. They bring messages of guidance and healing and I cannot wait to use them daily! Cards are: Air, Animal, Direction, Earth, Fire, Guardian Angel, Heart, Magick, Medicine, Mirror, Protection & Water Guardians. These are the Angels of the deck that offer us insight and information. 

Warrior Symbols based on the Warrior Stone Oracle Readings, created in Kyle's Book, Light Warrior. By clicking the link (HERE) you can see the description in my previous blog. Made up of 9 cards, Arrow, Broken Arrow, Drum, Eagle, Moon, Mountains, Snake, Stag & Sun that bring lessons and indications of growth. 

I use Drum Journeying for my Soul Retrieval Ceremonies, for collecting and healing fragmented parts of our soul lost through trauma, shock and life changing events, where we begin in the Middle World and travel to the Under World and, very occasionally the Upper World. I travelled to the Upper World, when performing my own journeys one time & I spoke to Dr. Usui, the founder of Reiki, who confirmed I must continue with practicing, teaching and bringing Reiki to the masses. This was an enlightening and lovely experience that helped greatly to confirm I am on the right path!

Shamanic Healing opens our heart, our minds and our sense enhances and empowers us to find incredible balance and calm in our daily lives. Sometimes it can be a level of calm far greater than before the event happened, especially when combined with other life changing tools we have learned and incorporate into our lives. Shamanism is as old as humanity itself and I have always felt a great affinity with it. It allows us to travel beyond the confines of the middle world, into the lower and upper worlds to truly discover who we are and our purpose in the physical realm at this time.

Seasons, 4 Cards that provide powerful energies with the change in seasons. Spring - the Hare, planting seeds, growing and changing with the first full season of the year. Summer - represented by the Bee, basking in the light & joy of summer! Autumn - the Raven, release the old & rest. A card for letting things go and perfect as we head into this season NOW! Winter - the Wolf, taking care of our needs.

To purchase your own deck go to Kyle Gray's website & follow the links to the various sellers. To Buy CLICK HERE. Get to know the cards, the messages and what they are truly saying to you and the guidance they bring for your journey here on earth.

The Celtic Compass Spread Kyle has created to use with this deck is awesome and encourages us to see the messages coming through & also use the archetypal characters on each card that shows up to show our gifts and talents. I highly recommend this deck, my new favourite one! 

No 1 (Centre Card) Spirit - You & Your Energy, the Real You.

No 2 (Centre) North: Earth, what is grounding you & providing you with focus & belonging.

No 3 (Middle Right ) East / Air Your current thoughts, perceptions & thinking.

No 4 (Bottom Centre) South / Fire, Your rising, driving desires & primal needs at this time.

No 5 (Middle Left) West / Water - How you really feel emotionally.

No 6 (Top Right) North East, What needs attention & action? What we need to do to achieve our goals.

No 7 (Bottom Right) South East -  Where to direct your energy & intentions, connecting with the energies of your desires..

No 8 (Bottom left) South West, What you need to let go & let flow!

No 9 (Top Left) North West, Is the outcome of the current vibration, of all the energies.

I did a Celtic Compass Spread for myself and it was most insightful! 

Happy learning, creating and manifesting.



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