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My Uplifting Meditation Experience

The mind is such a powerful tool and it really is for us to use any way we want, we have a choice. If we want a positive, happy life we need to manifest positive happy thoughts! This can be aided by clearing our chakras regularly, so that the energy centres, through which our energy flows, are clear and activated.

This week I was lucky enough to experience one of my most life enhancing meditations, so far in this lifetime! The apprehension that usually rises within me when attending a new group was ignored, as I felt particularly drawn to the class, (my daily angel cards have talked of a mentor coming into my world, now that is another story!) so my desire to participate won out!

We completed a Seven Chakra Reiki and Crystal Healing Meditation with an amazing Reiki healer. We began by using mudras to open up our chakras; these are special hand positions, while chanting mantras. This was the start of the journey and created a sense of relaxation and openness straight away.

The closed eye meditation then brought about a visualisation of my body ejecting all the bad thoughts and habits that I have been working on removing from my life. It was so apt as the day before I started a fourteen day detox to cleanse my physical form and so my mind.

I was not alone in experiencing a profound level of calmness and serenity from the clearing of the chakras. Each of us had our own experiences but all felt an internal positive shift in our consciousness and found the whole evening very beneficial.

"An obstacle is a signal from your true self. It is asking you to take a fresh look at the situation" Deepak Chopra. This meditation cleared any obstacles that the mind, body and ego put in my way, for sure! 

Happy weekend to everyone



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