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Moulding Your Character For the Tough Times

Updated: May 24, 2019

Our good character is a work in progress, that we develop over time, it is not something we are born with. It is vital we work consciously and constantly on it, to ensure we are even greater versions of ourselves, even when life throws us a 'curve ball'. The rhythm of our character changes as time evolves, it is a life cycle of experiences, healing, rebalancing and growth. This is why Reiki and similar healing modalities are becoming more popular, as many more people are encountering the life changing benefits every day of working on our inner healing and removing stored negative emotions.

“You cannot dream yourself into a character.. You must hammer and forge yourself one.”

–James A. Froude

I have been working through an amazing course, the Lifebook, a vision for Life, hosted by MindValley, & produced by Jon & Missy Butcher ( It is a system that they put into place, when although Jon was extremely successful and ran lots of his own companies but ended up having a severe nervous breakdown, could not even bare to leave the house, and needed to find a reset button and re-asses his life.

I mentioned it briefly in a previous blog, it is about knowing, truly, who you are and want to be, without a doubt. Their Lifebook Course gets you to look deeply into your thought processes in all the categories of emotions, character, intellectual thought processes, our health and fitness, relationships, career, material goals, travel and financial freedom. It aids you in creating a personal life bible, to keep by your side and monitor your own healing and growth and clearly defined aspirations for the future. It is an ongoing system that should be reviewed yearly, to check you are on the right path and going in the direction you undeniably want to!

Today I want to discuss character in more depth and, hopefully in some way, help you to have a look at where you are and what you ultimately want. We must not 'wait for the perfect time' or to start living when we retire etc etc, we can live the life of our dreams NOW.

'Everything can be taken from a person except one thing; the last of the human freedoms - to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way’

Victor Frankl

In greek Character means engraved mark, your stamp of identity and so building a good character is your choice, your destiny, regardless of what you have experienced and learned growing up. Beautiful traits include: Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Determination, Compassion & Courage. It is about learning to move out of the victim mindset, building a strong foundation of self discipline, regardless of what has happened, and grow from all you have experienced, how you want to develop from situations and learn to be an even better version of yourself.

The journey is about getting into the habit of stepping back, releasing others negativity, self-loathing and their attitude so that you stay on track even when things get tough! Do not let another person project their stresses onto a situation because they 'cannot see the world for the trees' due to their own challenges in life. Be strong and know it is their journey and, as frustrating as it can feel, we cannot help everyone. Know that as you repair the 'broken' parts of your soul, you emerge even more beautiful.

Your character is your emotional states; behaviours, ideas, thoughts, intuitions, motives, tastes, judgements, temperament and tendencies. Our goal is to stay on track during difficulties, when we feel challenged, questioned and undermined. We must then look at our perceptions of situations and be sure to rise above the opinions, actions and behaviours of others. Jon Butcher says 'Getting command of your emotions is a life long process', totally agree!

'Good character happens when I turn virtues into habits' - Aristotle

Building a stronger character is about learning habits to better define and shape your life to achieve your goals. The quote below sums things up, and a fabulous example is: don't eat that extra plate of food, if you want to lose weight. Not having what you want NOW can lead to weight loss and the body you want, so holding off pays in the long run! This can be applied to many areas of your life.

'Having what you want in your life, does not mean you can have everything you need in the moment' Jon Butcher

It is time to throw out 'I can't because of...' & replace with a strong self belief & self-discipline that is going to see you reach your goals. Nobody holds you back without your permission, remember this when feeling challenged and ensure 'permission denied' is your mantra going forwards. This includes yourself, don't hold yourself back from the best life journey, you can do it! You are not born lucky, you manifest, build and strive to achieve your wildest dreams with strength, planning and determination! Your thoughts create your world, so make them count every day.

Have an awesome day.



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