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Kaizen: The Science of Continuous Improvement

Kaizen: A Tool for Business Success.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning 'continuous improvement', that when used regularly businesses become more successful with less mistakes, happier employees and greater productivity. We can apply this principal to our small businesses, just be sure to involve everyone in your company. Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time. We can not only be more successful at work to make more money, we can apply the principles to our personal lives for better relationships, to achieve more and overcome fears, helping us to live life at a higher level.

One key 'rule' is to "Always Do Your Best" in the words of Don Miguel Ruiz. Be sure to celebrate the days you stay in momentum and achieve incredible goals. Keep going, for the days when you feel like you have 'messed up', forgive yourself quickly, learn the lessons being show to you and move on. Life is here to be enjoyed, let's have fun no matter what we are doing. Tomorrow is a new day and do not take any of the lack from the previous day into the present, let it go! One way is to aim to have an average day and watch yourself excel and achieve greatness.

Do not 'hold on' to thoughts and feeling when you feel like you have let yourself down or fumbled through. Negativity and nagging yourself is wasted energy and emotions, let's get back to the to-do list and grow from these lessons. Negativity has no part in our personal or working lives, we have got this! Be sure to take time to relax and forgive yourself, do something you enjoy to better let the bad thoughts and feeling go.

One question Carl Harvey mentions in the Manifesting Course is 'Would you hang around with the negative voice in your head, given the chance. Would you be friends with them?' Nooooo, so throw the thoughts away, we are all energy and can change anything we focus on.  Remove all self-judgement and negative self-talk, do this constantly, whenever thoughts and feelings crop up and replace with self-love, self-respect, self-belief and higher performance. We must re-train our brain, overcome difficulties, encourage ourselves and thrive.

Rule #No1 Have a Daily Routine ensuring a smart, effective and easy-to-maintain system for implementing Kaizen in your daily life so you are at the peak of your emotional state. Spend 20-60 minutes to a daily routine and include habits to calm your mind and start the day relaxed and rejuvenated. These tools help us to improve ourselves and our businesses daily, give it a go!

My Daily Practice / Routine

  • Self-Reiki, to remove emotional, physical and mental blockages

  • Listen to, at least one, meditation

  • 20 minutes of Yoga to restore focus and calm the mind

  • Write 10 things I am grateful for daily (small & big, everything is important)

  • Learn something, audio, book, training, courses, something to take you on the path to success

  • Speak / read aloud affirmations and visualisation intentions, aim high!

  • Exercise - even walking activates positive neurons, the more you can sweat the better

  • Creating a list of goals - I find it can be a good idea to do this when you go to bed, to set a plan for the following day & at the start of a week an overview list for the whole week. As we cross them off it produces neurotransmitters of positivity, ensuring success. 

  • Write 1000 words for my book. I do this for my blogs and social posts but I do it separately for my book (from today).

Create your own list for the 20 - 60 minute practice and be sure to feel inspired, positive and in a higher emotional state. Push yourself and raise your upper limits, aim higher! DAILY is key, even 10 minutes is beneficial but the more time you can spend on this the better, no cheat days.

The brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones. There is a famous saying “Neurons that fire together, wire together.”. The more you get your neurons firing about positive facts, the more they’ll be wiring up positive neural structures. See the full article from the Huffington Post on firing up neurons for positive thinking here:

Useful Affirmations to Use Daily:

" I expand in abundance, love and success every day... as I inspire those around me to do the same"

"Always Do Your Best" Don Miguel Ruiz

They say, we teach beast what we most need to learn, I have most certainly benefited from the Kaizen science of continuous improvement. I found myself struggling recently, as the flow of abundance has not been sufficient to cover my outgoings but I am back and determined to succeed. I do not want to settle for 'just enough', I am aiming high, watch this space! Notice & record even the tiny success so you can chart your continuous improvement and attract further growth, positive energy and good vibes. 

Have an amazing week and do comment below, include any of your successes / findings so we can share the knowledge.


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Reference: Carl Harvey from The Ultimate Manifesting System Course, he has many amazing courses:

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