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Preparing for Monday's Full Moon

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

It is time for another phase of releasing as the Full Moon in Sagittarius approaches on Monday 17th June, at 9.30am in the UK. 2019 is certainly seeing many of us experience changes, as we work with the universal energies as they arise, build on our own personal healing and help others do the same.

This Full Moon is another big one with oodles of emotional tension in the air and the energies provide us with the opportunities to make our dreams come true. For some, it will be an unforeseen sudden event that will genuinely be a time of 'waking up', listening to our empathetic abilities, recognising the signs put directly in front of us, and being more open and ready for the wonderful changes we are manifesting.

The heavy, odd feelings that have been arising for some of us recently are all leading to, and preparing us for, the up and coming energy shifts and exceptional levels of personal growth. Now is a time for emotional purging, clearing out all that no longer serves us and welcoming a new aligned existence, far better than we ever imagined possible. Go with all that is happening right now, question what the universe is showing and teaching you, and learn from it all! Exciting times! Be sure to believe in yourself, your worth, decisions and goals and stand your ground, when challenged with negativity and 'obstacles'. They are only showing up to ensure you are fully ready for the next phase of 2019 and your fabulous life journey.

Things don't go 'wrong', they alter direction to wake us up, to make us reassess all we are doing, all we are and how we live day by day. Disappointments are there to allow us to grow and make the changes needed, to take our life journeys to new heights. Enjoy the ride of adjustments, recognise the synchronicities that appear and take action. The future is optimistic, even if our patience is called upon on the wave of changes!

It is, however, a very happy, all-embracing time of renewed social energy and interactions that enhance our lives. Do not be afraid of the adjustments, it is all leading to bigger and better things, provided you put in the personal effort to ignite a fire of wonderful transformation. Follow your intuition, keep the gratitude journal and watch the miracles unfold.

Full Moon Ritual

Create a calm, relaxed space in your home, in or outdoors. If you already have an altar / meditative area, then most definitely use it.

What to have to hand

  • Sage, Palo Santo, Incense or Frankincense (or a combination of them all)

  • Candles & Lighter/Matches 

  • Choose a selection of Crystals that you feel most drawn to at this time and place in the space

  • Sound bowl or chimes are great for clearing and further promoting relaxation

  • Pen & Paper (you can start writing today, in preparation!)

The Process:

  • Light the candles

  • Smudge yourself, the area and your home. More details of how here: Smudging Ceremony

  • Ground yourself by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not on the ground floor / outside). Crystals that help with this include Selenite, Hematite and Black Tourmaline

  • Visualise 'shaking off' and releasing any tension in your body and mind

  • Write down (or continue, if this is something you have already started) all that you want to release, including, events, experiences and anything that has p***** you off recently and over time. For example, these can be people and situations that we need to forgive to move on, count yourself in this too. The past is gone, the future is uncertain so make the most of today

  • The best next steps are to burn what you have written & release the ash in a river or bury in the garden within 48 hours of the ceremony

  • Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling full, so that you embrace the calmness achieved by letting go and enjoy the process!

  •  This process can be conducted or repeated during the 24 hours surrounding the full moon. If additional thoughts come up, list them down & once again burn / set free the emotions that no longer serve you

  • Adding protection tasks to your daily to do list can help going forwards, Kyle Gray has a great example in his Light Warrior novel, where we cleanse, tone and moisturise our energy before entering into complex environments, more HERE.

This is a very therapeutic exercise that sees you let go of old thought patterns and habits (an ongoing journey as we go through life) and learn an improved mindset, recharged and open to the amazing possibilities showing up. We have a choice to pursue our goals or remain 'stuck', now we are getting a resurgence to 'get on and make it happen'. It is a time of great happiness, generosity and fun, we just need to put in the work to improve our own worlds. Good luck with your cleansing and releasing and you can always email with any questions: or look at further blogs on the site. Do leave comments below too, if you feel drawn too.



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Remaining Full Moon Dates for 2019 - UK dates & times:

16th July 22:38

15th August 13:29

14th September 05:32

13th October 22:07

12th November 13:34

12th December 05:12

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