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Inspirational Rumi Poetry for Motivation & Healing

A brief post today to share one of our favourite poems from Rumi's Little Book of Life, The garden of the soul, heart and the spirit!

The five senses are linked together

for all five have grown from the same root.

when one is strengthened, the rest are enhanced.

Seeing enhances speech, communication

increases vision, and sight stimulates and 

awakens every sense to spiritual perception.

If one sense breaks free from its bonds

having a glimpse of the invisible

it makes it apparent to all the others.

You have seen how when one sheep jumps 

over the creek the whole flock follows. 

So drive the flock of your senses to pasture

the let them graze on the heavenly flowers

in the Garden of Truth.

RUMI was a 13th century Persian Muslim theologian, poet, and Sufi mystic. His poetry and wisdom transcends time and will always inspire and enchant the reader, it is excellent to aid you in exploring the self, highly recommended! Do get in touch if you would like a Angel Tarot reading via Skype, Phone or In-Person.

Have a great week

Bright Blessings


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