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How Our Perception Affects Our World

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Our perception & beliefs create our world and our world is a reflection of what is going on inside, we have to really truly believe we are enough. Often perceptions are based on learned habits & sometimes, because we are annoyed or angry at something or someone else, this distorts our opinions, views & actions. This can be very damaging, hurtful and even abusive to the person receiving the brunt of any aggression caused by misguided perceptions or misplaced anger.

I heard a quote the other day 'Loving life exactly as it is & exactly as it isn't'... makes total sense! Accepting everything is as it should be is very freeing and creates growth as you relax and discover your true life purpose and follow your dreams. If you feel unhappy or live and work in a negative environment then the advice is to change it, even small steps to get to where you want to be.

When we send out negativity then it comes back to us, in many forms. We must be careful what we think, our thoughts & actions really do create our world. It is best if we can not complain, stop moaning about people & situations or at least be aware when we do, change it to positive thinking. Not hanging around people that constantly complain & do not appreciate what they have is ideal. Di-sease really is emotionally based so look after yourself with your thoughts too!

Sometimes it can be YOU stopping you from achieving! Success does not pay attention to excuses so lets do this! 

Daily goal: How can I love myself more today? Positive affirmations, see our Affirmations page.

Reading & saying positive quotes of Love, peace, joy & gratitude really helps. You are enough, go out into the world and do / be / say exactly what you want and remove anything from your life that does not serve you - that does not make you happy & flourish, we only get one go at this life.

Happy New Year Everyone, let's make 2017 amazing, sail through the challenges, learn from them & work to live our true life purpose.

I love helping others to heal so if you are looking for a new direction then do get in touch. I am booking Reiki Treatments & Card Reading slots & will soon have the new dates for the Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Level Workshops. My online courses with distance attunements are still reduced from £195 to £49, saving £146 & changing your daily life for always. 

Have a wonderful last few days of 2016.




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