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Here We Go Again...Full Moon Time

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

How are you all feeling? We must delve into the emotions we have been experiencing of late, so we clear any blockages from within our bodies that can lead to dis-ease. It has been a turbulent, yet transformative, month of June and as we head into July we have the opportunity to 'throw out' any of the stress, confusion, grief and fear that has arisen, to clear the path for greater personal growth. Spiritually awakening to a higher level of consciousness and working with the energies is your calling.

All that is happening is providing us with lessons to learn new ways of communicating, thinking and perceiving our lives and those we interact with. The next Full Moon is on 5th July 2020 at 5.44am (UK) and is known as the Buck Moon, named after the antlers on a buck's forehead emerging this month. It is our time to re-emerge and jump out of our comfort zone. Find the courage to take risks, to push yourself beyond anything you have ever done before. We have learnt the power of embracing uncertainty with all that 2020 has provided to us so far. Don't be afraid of what is next but visualise your new home by the sea, career change or whatever it is that you desire to manifest. Do not be concerned with the 'how', just with the desired end result. We can do this!

The law of reciprocity is shining, what you put out you get back. There is a dynamic, cardinal energy with the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn (one of the 4 cardinal / reacting signs, the others are Aries, Cancer & Libra) inviting you to open up your heart and start those projects. Remember we are in Mercury Retrograde, so plan now, finalise after 12th July 2020, for greater success.

We will also be experiencing a penumbral Lunar Eclipse at the same time, one of 3 intense eclipses in 5 weeks, of the 6 eclipses in 2020, which is an unusual occurrence! Prepare to notice things that you have been unaware of before, follow your intuition and the signs from the angels around you. This phase in the moon cycles requires us to look at the practical security of our environments, our homes and personal surroundings. Remove toxic, negative and narcissistic individuals from your world immediately. If no contact is impossible, then massively reduce your interaction with them, so that they do not steal your energy. I have one in a group of friends that I avoid even being in the company of, but sometimes it is unavoidable. Protection work before they enter your aura space is an absolute must. Learn new ways of protection and personal perception of all you experience, and you will thrive.

Whatever you are focusing on will magnify during eclipse episodes, so change your mindset now and keep your emotional frequency strong, confident and balanced. Get manifesting, learn greater ways to bring yourself back to positivity and open up your mind to a spiritual way of being. Many of you are developing a stronger spiritual practice so that we can change the world together! By raising your level of consciousness, it will massively help with challenges that are predicted around September. It does not have to be on the level of the beginning of the year, we have the power to control our thoughts, reactions and therefore our journey going forwards.

The large awakening of society, that is causing people to raise their levels of collective consciousness, mean we can alter the results of what shows up for the remainder of this year. Do the work to see the results unfold! Similar energies have happened when significant improvements were felt throughout the world as a whole over the years (even if something less than pleasant has to occur prior to the developments). Watch for difficult conversations and aggression arising, and know this is all needed for the growth advancements we are undergoing.

One very important thing to remember is to not get embroiled in what is going on in the rest of the world. Worrying never changes the outcome. Countries such as America are heading for more disturbance, unrest and confrontation of the political situations they are going through. It is vital that the current crazy government rule changes and abuse of power are confronted and unfortunately there is not the opportunity to 'talk it through', as they are not able to listen, and so more turbulence is predicted. Do not worry about all that you cannot control, changes are needed.

Read the Full Moon Ritual Guidance Blog and be sure to complete it within 24 hours either side of the Full Moon. There is nothing stopping you starting your list this week though, in preparation. Book one of my services to help you: an Intuitive Guidance Reading via Skype or In-Person; a Reiki Treatment with Crystal &/or Sound Healing; or Spiritual Coaching, then click here, and we can get you set for this next energetic moon phase.

Plant the seeds for what you want to have in your world and do not be concerned with when and how it will show up. The large awakening of society, that is causing people to raise the collective levels of consciousness, means we can alter the results of what shows up for the remainder of this year. Do the work, see the results unfold!

Similar energies happened when significant improvements were felt throughout the world, even though it took a less than pleasant event to take place for the world to 'wake-up'. Watch for difficult conversations, aggression arising and know this is all needed for the growth advancements we are undergoing.

The world required a deconstruction of the old order and a brand new way of life for all of society, leading to hope, courage and excitement for the future and all the abundance materialising, ensuring that we can shine.

Get in touch if you want help / guidance and we can book you in. Having a reading or treatments around the Full Moon very much aids your healing and I have a few slots left. Hold hope, love and self-acceptance in your heart daily, life is as magical as you make it!



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