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Full Moon Energy Update - Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

We are being challenged once more by the volatile, intense and chaotic energies that have been showing up throughout this month. When you feel the need to obsessively organise, step back and allow yourself to be more open to accepting the imperfections of life. Accepting and embracing uncertainty is still a big theme of 2021. All that we are experiencing is nudging us to see the strength and resilience we have and our ability to learn and grow in times of massive change.

I am guessing many of you have noticed the discombobulating and eruptive energies that have at times left us feeling exhausted and questioning all we are and all we do over the last few weeks. Know that we will come out of this stronger, more self-confident and fully aware of the power of the community connections and energies that surround us. Anything that shows up in your life is a trigger to get you to reassess your path, thoughts and behaviours. I am very excited about the number of souls that have opened up to the power of distance energy healing, at least one of you per day, which is quiet astounding and wonderful!

The next Full Moon is in Virgo on 27th February at 8.17am UK (00.17am PST & 3.17am EST). A moon of innovation, creativity and applying the hard work needed to achieve your goals. Throw out the critical, stubborn, overthinking habits (all Virgo traits), as NO FEAR needs to be our daily mantra. The Squaring of the four planets - Saturn (reality check, control) in Aquarius (mental, enthusiasm) and Uranus (freedom, innovation) in Taurus (steadfast, loyal) is happening four times this year, most recently on 17th February. Uranus is going to be shining a light in the darkness as big truths are uncovered and the world is shaken up by the revelations. It is a planet that always wins, as it is the furthest out. The sun is in Pisces amplifying the signs healing capabilities and with the fixing energies of Virgo we are entering a much more fun time.

The power of the people is another huge focus in 2021, we have had enough and as we re-evaluate our own personal worlds, we are speaking out about all that no longer feels comfortable or that is acceptable from the authorities. Review your standpoint in the world and focus on what you are truly seeking and where your greatest happiness lies. Pluto in Capricorn is excavating anything that is not for our highest good, clearing out the sludge for us to metamorphosis into a new way of being.

To benefit from the heal energies we need to focus on what we have, what we have discovered and what we can become. For those diagnosed with an illness, it is the mindset and your mental, physical and emotional strength that sends positive messages to every cell in the body. We create new cells naturally daily, our bodies completely rejuvenate every seven years, so lets change these healing patterns. When we become unwell, the universe is asking us to stop and catch up with ourselves. Our DNA is being upgraded at this time and sound healing therapy is a great tool to encourage your expansion.

Technological and scientific breakthroughs are surfacing this year. The digital age is evolving, even in the healing sphere, as we apply treatments and therapies at a distance. This year is full of surprises that will bring immortalised changes within the world that will go down in history. A year of social reform, inner healing and greater enjoyment of life is here.

Mercury Retrograde ended today, always a day of celebration as we begin to put the plans we have been working on into place. The energies will be evocative three days either side of the Full Moon on 27th and as long as you put out into the universe what you want then just let what comes flow into your space. Create/update your vision board, read/visualise your goal list and be grateful for at least 3 things daily and miracles can not help but materialise. It is a collaborative period of unexpected circumstances as chapters close in order for new amazing ones to surface. Financial security is on the cards for many; equality is advancing and people are altering their work life balance for more enjoyment now. It is the positive end of a six-month cycle of energies, which started on 17th September 2020, as we are heading into the lighter energies coming up in March. It is a time to feel wiser, more self assured and confident in your beliefs. I am very excited about the energy shifts on Saturday with the Full Moon. Ensure you are open to all that is approaching; keep an open heart and a positive mindset. You really can achieve anything when you totally believe so in your heart.

Have a stunning few days, work on writing down your list for burning and releasing at the end of the week and enjoy the energy shifts. Laughter is a wonderful medicine for everyone, smile and the world smiles with you!



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