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6 Top Benefits of Reiki

Reiki uses energy to stimulate our own natural healing abilities by working through the energy centres (chakras) in our bodies. We absorb energy from the environment, our thoughts and from what we consume. How effective the energy centres are depends on all our mental, physical and emotional state. If we are suffer illness or injury they become blocked which can cause them to affect the other chakras, leading to more problems, it is a vicious cycle.  This is why we MUST look after our internal health through balance and calming techniques. Reiki, Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and all healing modalities are awesome and  provide excellent personal growth and relaxation to make each day happier, easier and more enjoyable.

There are numerous benefits of regular Reiki and below I have listed six of the top advantages for our health and wellbeing.

1. Stress Relief

One of the major benefits of Reiki, as I am sure many of you know by now, is the reduction of stress and increase of relaxation, triggered by the healing energy treatments. Resetting and removing internal imbalance helps remove environmental, work and emotional stress, reducing the risk of diseases. Stress causes irregular heart rhythms that can lead to angina or a stroke, it causes gastrointestinal problems, as we store many emotions here. Psychological problems arise due to stress, it really is the cause of so many problems, the more we can do to eliminate it from our lives the better.

2. Personal Growth

Reiki heals us both physically and emotionally, enhancing our capabilities to love not only ourselves but others too. It expands empathetic emotions allowing us to deeply connect with people and strengthen relationships. Treatments bring inner peace and harmony, essential qualities for spiritual and personal growth.

3. Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Energy Healing improves our negative moods, as it reduces anxiety. The overall mood benefits see significant decreases in depression, anger and confusion as the positive energy increases and vitality for life improves.

4. Learning Difficulties for both Children and Adults

Please see my previous blog HERE. Reducing stress and anxiety with Reiki greatly assists the management and healing of learning difficulties, especially, Autism and ADHD. 

5. Weight Management

Reiki is wonderful for maintaining a healthy body and assisting with weight loss as it de-stresses us, preventing the build up of cortisol and other stress hormones that affect our weight. It helps with willpower and appetite, so we make better food choices and therefore become healthier and more able to succeed. Eating disorders are a result of stress so Reiki can help! Treatments focus on the seven main chakra's and each one works with specific parts of the body. The 3 main ones that affect our weight are the sacral, solar plexus and throat. Located in the upper abdomen, below the belly button, the sacral / spleen chakra also controls social and intimacy issues. Imbalances in this area can cause depression, impotency and even substance abuse problems The solar plexus chakra, also found in the stomach, above the naval, is our self-confidence and blockages here lead to digestive problems and diabetes. The throat chakra is also our confidence and ability to express ourselves, openly and freely. Physical blockages and imbalances cause thyroid, bloating and hormonal problems. One of my  previous blogs explored this topic too: Reiki & Weight Loss.

6. Pain Relief

Chronic pain signals a physical problem that often stems from emotional and psychological disturbances that can be resolved with Reiki allowing healing energy to flow freely through the body. Pain and tension are reduced and mobility increased and there are many reports where people suffering from pain due to injury, cancer, or psychological and emotional distress find relief with Reiki, where other methods have failed to help. It also helps with migraines, sciatica, arthritis, asthma, insomnia and the menopause. This guest blog about Reiki & Cancer, writing by a gentleman in America, is very interesting Reiki & Children with Cancer. Reiki treats symptoms associated with cancers and as such is practised in hospitals and treatment centres worldwide.

Reiki aids self-worth, self-belief and induces self-healing as it clears blockages emotionally, physically and mentally, assisting our overall health and wellbeing. To book a session or for learning Reiki I, II or Master Level email for dates and available appointment slots. I am running a Reiki Level I Workshop on Saturday 3rd June in East Twickenham, see here: Reiki WorkshopsI also have online courses here: Reiki Courses where you can learn in your own time, with the many resources provided and FREE distance attunements are included. 

Have an amazing day / evening.



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