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Energy Update for March's New Moon

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The next New Moon in Pisces is on 13th March (my beautiful heavenly Grandma's birthday) 2021 is at 10.21am GMT; 2.21am PST; 5.21am EST and 9.12pm AEDT*. A magical doorway of new beginnings is opening for you with the dreamy, healing Piscean energies of this New Moon. Set a new intention for your life as a whole then set daily intentions and watch miracles manifest for you. Working with the energies is our calling, to enhance our abilities to thrive and be reborn at this time as we change the way we live our lives. It is a wonderful privilege for us to be alive at this time to experience the amazing life-altering shifts and the embracing of the energies that are available to us. We have outgrown the old consciousness and the more you can heal from within, expand your spiritual awakening and 'think outside the box' in your perceptions of life the greater you will thrive. There has most definitely been heartache, sadness and vats of chaos and confusion but as we come out the other side of this, the opportunities are tremendous.

The traits of the sensitive water sign of Pisces that are prevalent this New Moon are the mystical, loving and empathetic emotions that are heightening our altered states of consciousness. Our love and desire to write creatively, listen to music and allow ourselves to lose any sense of time (already a big theme of the last twelve months as we struggle to remember what day it is!!) is happening extensively too. Uranus is in Taurus, until 2026, which may be causing you to experience extreme headaches, nausea or unexplained symptoms, know that every cell in your body is being upgraded. It is nothing to worry about, release any concern around the 'aches' and 'pains', we are just being upgraded and our DNA's reset for the new world. With Saturn in Aquarius we are called to throw out old conscious thinking and move into a new state of being. Healing from the past and reworking your thought processes to constantly remove negativity is super important.

Mars entered Gemini on 4th March energising anyone who is linked to it; Gemini is very much the magpie sign - wanting us to draw towards us the important facts and information. We must open up our hearts to the truth. There will still be levels of confusion and uncertainty, the energies are just asking that you trust and believe in your own heart and all you sense, feel and truly know in your heart to be the facts. On 10th March the Sun is conjunct to Neptune which will see the highlighting of secrets, lies and deceptions, as the Sun shines the light on the shocking truths that it is time for us to hear. Your inner voice is your main point of focus, you are being asked to connect with the source energy and frequently notice and work with the energies that surround you. The position of the planets at this time are bringing the unfolding of new technologies, very exciting as they will aid us with balancing in this new world.

Another key focus for us is the making of big choices, altering our life plans and doing what we truly want on a day-to-day basis. If you have an idea, if you want to escape the mundane nine to five, move abroad, build a home, whatever is in your heart, you are being guided to follow those thoughts NOW and not wait until later. These New Moon energies are encouraging us to work with quantum principles, with the intangible but amazing energies open to us. It is about removing logical thinking and opening to the flow of life in a whole new way and living in a high frequency energy.

The easiest way to describe what is happening energetically is the form of the 'new humans'. Many of us are becoming more psychically aware, psychically sensitive and very conscious of the power of the energies that surround us and working with it to better our lives. It is wonderfully exciting how many of you are booking regular Distance Reiki Energy Healing Treatments to ensure you are at your optimum health physically, mentally and emotionally. This is further aided with the additional Coaching Call, as I am able to help souls with their destructive thought patterns outside of the sessions ensuring greater long-term healing and inner calm. Aquarius energies are still prevalent and calling on us to look beyond what we know, to delve into the higher conscious mind and the universal energies. The translation of Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy and I am very grateful I get to work with it daily!

The world changes are going to be most effective with the upgrading of human nature (you!), the way we think, act and perceive life. The expansion of the human mind and awakening to higher levels of consciousness is very exciting. We all have a choice in how we think, feel and behave. We are all one and the growth of the community spirit is fabulous, taking us back to previous times when we all knew our neighbours and supported each other daily.

Over the last year I have frequently referred to the uncovering of truths and the revelations that are going to show up around a certain disease and the authoritarian control and imposed restrictions on humanity. Energetically I sense this will happen towards the end of April as we go into May 2021.

You may well find your dreaming is more profound at this time and it is a good idea to keep a journal by your bed to write down all you remember. The surrealness of the dreams is often messages showing up about what you need to cleanse from your soul for healing, for ultimate healing. One tip - before you fall asleep: make a statement about what you want to know, such as 'thank you for showing me the answer to... or thank you for revealing my next steps as I sleep...' whatever you are looking for help with. It can take a few nights of dreaming but the answers will appear.

During this period it is supremely important to apply extra self-care to each and every day. We all seem to have lots on our plate as we strive to flourish which makes this daily practice advise even more major. Take time for yourself for walking, meditating, self-reiki sessions, exercise classes - whatever lights your soul and takes you closer to your own personal goals. Tomorrow is undefined so grab life with both hands and have fun on the journey.

Complete the New Moon Ritual, light a candle, burn some incense and follow the guidance or just do what you feel most drawn to do on Saturday or one of the days either side. The key ingredient is writing your ultimate goal list and adjusting it as you complete each one. We are in this together, encourage friends to embrace the moon energies too and work with the changes and new opportunities opening up to us all. Believe in the power of miracles that are here for you know and that are being intensified by the New Moon energies on Saturday. Believe and you will achieve, keep a gratitude journal (or say 3-5 things out loud to yourself daily) and feel the appreciation for all you have and are about to manifest. Intentions are your inner radio dial, tune in daily and the possibilities are endless.

If you want an Intuitive Reading to provide you with guidance at this time; a Distance Reiki Session to realign and clear your personal energy centres: or a Past Life Regression via Zoom, to delve into your past lives to identify what occurred previously that is holding you back in this lifetime; or learn to self-reiki daily with my Certified Reiki Level I Course or a Shamanic Drumming Journey for replacing lost pieces of your soul then WhatsApp 07949089265 | email or via the website Contact Form. Update your vision board and goal lists and get manifesting, the energies allow you to attract things far easier at this time than previously expected. Have a stunning week, remove all that does not serve you (turn off the news!) and enjoy embracing the energy shifts as they unravel themselves to you.



+44 (0)7949089265

*GMT = Greenwich Mean Time UK; PST = Pacific Standard Time; EST = Eastern Standard Time and AEDT = Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

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