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Energy Update for Monday's Full Moon

Big energy shifts and opportunities to transform your perception of self and how you view the world, and others, is once again approaching. The chaotic challenges have not stopped for many of us and have been a massive reminder that we need to transform to ride the waves of destruction and chaos with ease and simplicity. The next Full Moon, in Gemini, is on Monday 30th November at 9.29am (UK), 1.30am (PDT), along with the (final) Lunar Eclipse of 2020, as we head to the Solstice gateway on 21st December. It is going to provide exquisite revelations and apparitions to those willing to change.

As always with the full moon cycles we are being selected and guided to a prominent time of letting go and releasing old habits, thoughts and behaviour's. What has not yet been resolved, such as deep seated wounds and core emotions, is the focus, especially for many of us Lightworkers, to get the clarity and mastery for our next spiritual growth spurt. The more we release, the higher we climb and our consciousness expands and evolves to new heights.

Although we are called to cleanse our emotional 'draws', this is a time of celebration, love and coming together with the special souls in our lives. Open up the communication channels, phone, video call or meet up with those who nourish your soul, love you deeply and support you on this life journey.

Focus your energy on doing what illuminates your mind, body and spirit and awakens your deeper connection with the divine feminine energies. There are strong undercurrents of energy trying to distract us from reaching our goals, pulling us off course if we let them, but not anymore, today we set the intention to keep our spiritual mindset heavily active, no matter what shows up. We cannot help those who insist on living in the fear that the pandemic has perpetuated, it is their choice to be controlled. It is the biggest threat to their immune system, far greater than any virus but it is their journey. I am incredibly pleased with all the souls who have come for Reiki Treatments or to learn how to practice it themselves or to review their life path with an Intuitive Reading, to assist them in awakening to 5-dimensional living. The universal energies are here to support us, help us thrive and demonstrate the power that can be achieved by frequently cleansing your mind, body and spirit, clearing emotional, physical and mental blockages and retraining your brain and breaking negative ancestral cycles. We all have a choice in what we do, think and feel.

Super Important to-do list:

1. Release - begin to prepare your list of all that no longer serves you, include any events, people, situations etc, that have unbalanced you and, in some instances, traumatised you. Start the work today.

2. Review your intentions from the New Moon (and add to them, should you feel drawn to - it is a very crucial time to be guided by your intuition frequently).

3. Apply lots of deep breathing and patience to your day.

4. Emotions will intensify as we work through more of the old. This cycle is truly shining a light on what we must change now...not next month, next year or 'when we find time'. Make time now and tune into your feelings and express them.

5. Break the status quo, shake things up, choose to recognise what you need to change and improve in your energy field, your thoughts and actions, so you can achieve amazing manifestations and attract the positive energies and wonderful openings of consciousness appearing.

When we allow ourselves to open up, our intuition becomes an amazing tool for us to upgrade our existence. For me, one key factor is the realisation that when I experience certain things, it is a sign that what I see, feel and experience is what the world needs to know about / hear. Wonderful clarity I am on the right path, I am super grateful I can help others with their life journey and the enjoyment levels they attract. We are here to enjoy ourselves, make memories and build a better world for the young souls in our lives.

There is a continuation of the positive energy shifts as we approach the Total Solar Eclipse in December. Spontaneity, excitement, laughter and love should be the focal point of every day. Recharge, take moments of relaxation and have fun with the energy shifts that you experience every day. Do not let the discombobulation unsettle you or diminish your spirit, choose love over fear. It is an incredibly productive time of beautiful energies to manifest all you desire as you do the work to release the old. If you want any help or guidance do get in touch.

Here is a sample ritual for the Full Moon, remember to always be guided by your own intuition - release and recharge yourself, your crystals and your surroundings during this period.

Have a stunning evening.



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