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Dr Wayne Dyers 12 Keys to Abundance

Dr Wayne Dyer may no longer be in his physical body but his words and meditations inspire every day. There is a recording of the 12 Keys to Unlock Abundance on Youtube: and I have listed the twelve points to live by, below.

1. Want more for others than yourself.

2. Think from the end, including visualising driving the car you want or being the weight you want to be or living the life purpose you aspire to. Mantra - It is already here.

3. Be an appreciator, look for that which is valuable. Just as a house appreciates in value, so do we. Don't 'depreciate' yourself, don't undermine anything about you, your life, your future or your past.

4. Stay in rapport with source energy - in a state if harmony.

5. Remove all Resistance - 'I can' NEVER 'I can't or 'it can't'

6. Contemplate yourself as surrounded by the conditions by which you want to produce.

7. Understand the art of Allowing, take the path of least resistance and allow.

8. Practice radical humility, you are a divine source, you are not this body or mind that you are in.

9. Be in a constant state of gratitude, be generous and grateful.

10. Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.

11. Play the match game - 'I am matched up with the field of intention.

12. Meditate frequently, preferably daily so that you stay connected to source, stay in the gap. Everything comes in dichotomies, except for SILENCE. 

Dr Wayne Dyer is truly inspirational, even beyond the physical realm, his meditations, talks, books and films are excellent. We have featured one of his books on a previous blog, Don't Die With the Music Still in You and love his film, The Shift.  



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