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Constantly Evolving

Everyone's Spiritual Journey is important as the next persons; we are all at different stages of our adventure with improving our thought processes, living in the now and not waiting for 'blah blah blah' to happen, instead learning to be happy NOW. It is a constantly evolving experience, where we grow with each challenge life produces & each adventure we manifest. I can liken it to being on a health kick & you have an off day, it does not mean you have to have an 'off week/month or year'. 

I was drawn to 'read' from my 9 Warrior Oracle Stones today and they were so spot on! This is done by: shaking & throwing down the stones & keeping the ones facing upwards & reading them in the order they fall. 

1st one: THE STAG a popular animal totem, reminding you of your inner strength & ability to keep going, even when things get tough & know you can adapt to whatever life challenges show up. You have a deep connection to the Earth. Stay true to yourself, your intuition and the guidance that shows up. You have amazing power & a deep connection to the Earth. 

2nd THE SNAKE  this signifies change & letting go of a big fear / demon or dark side that you have previously struggled to release. The ego has a lot to answer for!!! Shred that issue from your life NOW, you can do it! 

3rd MOUNTAINS  shows up to remind you that are have incredible strength & stability & are unshakable, like the mountains! You have amazing spiritual strength & move beyond all ‘obstacles’. 

All 3 talk of your amazing strength, power & ability to overcome any challenges. Take great courage from this & move forwards on your journey, don’t ‘wait for the right time’ NOW is perfect...especially as Mercury Retrograde ends today!!! 

It is the greatest time in the history of evolution for personal growth, changing (for good) old habits and truly changing the way we live our lives. More & more people recognise that the habit of being miserable, angry, sad or depressed or lacking in something, is just that, a habit and as frequent as we can alter our outlook and perceptions then the great each day becomes!

Examples of how to best manifest your life purpose, goals and dreams include:

Wake up & set / read your intention for the day, one of the biggest problems is the self-deprecating thoughts of so many of us that we are 'not good enough' or 'we don't deserve it'.  Attention: use affirmation & or Creative Visualisation throughout the dayLive life with the habit of Abundance, the belief you have all you want in place and live life fully. Stick with it, hold that thought & keep manifesting. As Dr Paul Scheele says: "Keep it on the front burner of the stove'  "Sense & respond' constantly by working out / reviewing what it is that is blocking your own way (It can often by us with our incorrect thought patterns!) 

One affirmation I use: I am attracting those to me that can become mentors, spiritual guides and friends to help my growth.

It takes different pathways for each of us to reach our goals (something that will always be evolving). Currently for me: morning meditation, self-reiki, writing my gratitude journal, setting my intention / reading what I have set for that day / month & year and working to help people live the life of their dreams and doing what they love and exercise (on a health regime as it really helps me to be positive and believe I can achieve). Everyone has their different triggers and emotional stories so be sure to investigate lots of options, these should alter as you achieve greater enlightenment and healing too. This is why it has taken many years for Reiki to be recognised for the amazing treatment it is! It will always work, even for sceptics, it just requires that you are looking to learn to truly begin to heal along the way! We cannot 'diagnose' 8 treatments then done, it really does depend on previous and currently emotion situations and the habits learn throughout life!

You are your creator, step up, blast out into the world living the life of your dreams and let me know how you get on! I write about these topics a lot because I am so passionate about helping everyone evolve. My courses & services, including the Reiki, Creative Visualisation, Soul Retrieval Journeys, Crystal Courses and even my House Energy Cleansing can all greatly help you to manifest your goals and dreams on a daily basis. Do message with any questions or go here

Remember: We will never have all the answers, we are constantly evolving, improving and growing.




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