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Coming to Terms with Spiritual Powers

I have felt incredibly drawn to spirituality and healing for many years and have read and learnt so much but it has taken time to come to terms with my abilities. During a past life regression I saw that I was a healer in a previous life, so this helped with my belief in my Reiki work, the treatments, workshops and online courses.

One revelation I had occurred on Friday night, as I again connected in with the Angels unexpectedly. I have thought for most of my life that everyone has the same feelings, the same chats with the Angels & synchronicities but now admit it is specific to me, not everyone sees or hears what I do! One thing that can help with understand yourself and your purpose is to mix with like-minded people, if possible find a mentor &/or keep reading & learn more about spirituality. 

I was off to celebrate with two friends after their engagement and as I left, was drawn back into the flat and thought I want to give them a crystal angel. I wanted a Rose Quartz one, as it is grounding, a stone of the heart & one of unconditional love. The last remaining angel in my box was indeed a Rose Quartz Angel, absolutely perfect. I sensed my friend’s brother was with me, he passed over some years before, and through the gift of the crystal, wanted me to let my friend know that although not here in physical form, he was indeed with him, is very proud of him & incredibly happy about the engagement. It happens a lot, although I do not normally mention things I see, hear or feel, but knew this time I would need to relay the message to my friend, as it was such an important event for them. 

I have to say I was nervous to mention this to my friend, as I did not want to upset him but very much wanted to let him know his brothers was with us & very happy for him. I gave them the crystal and explained how to attune it to them, cleansing it and putting it in the light of the New Moon or in sunshine, whatever was possible. I did tell my friend the full story, later in the evening, which felt good. I do enjoy being a vessel for the angels and must believe, relax and connect in with them a lot more without fear or concern.

Often synchronicities happen during Angel Tarot Readings to, I will be discussing topics and then turn over the next card for their reading and it will be saying exactly what I have just said!

It is incredible and the more I get used to it, the more I am able to accept the abilities within me.

I have to say writing this has been therapeutic and will assist further with my growth. I think today's message is - Do not be frightened by anything that is not 'of the norm' but which happens in your world.  As healers we can tend to attract others that need healing and have to ensure the balance is correct within our business and personal lives. We are all amazing souls within our physical bodies. 

Today we have a New Moon in Scorpio at 17:38 (in the UK). Scorpio is a powerful, deep, intense and passionate sign about desires, fears and intensity - so very apt I was drawn to write this blog today! It is a sign for merging two people or two parties, financially, sexually or resourcefully. Scorpio is a sign of extremes that seeks loyalty and what is real.

We are all where we are meant to be at this time and the more we listen in to the signs, synchronicities and messages that surround us, the more we flourish. Watch out for the miracles, Life really is amazing. I know my Life Purpose is to help others to live more relaxed, prosperous and stress free lives and I will continue to find ways in which I can do this! Do leave us any comments or let me have any questions, if you are going through a similar path of enlightenment and are looking for guidance / a mentor. This really is a time of great manifestation & transformation.

Happy Sunday


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